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As part of our two yearly review of all Councillor PDPs, the Member Support Working Group is asking all members to consider their training and development requirements by completing a PDP schedule. Click on the link below to download an electronic version. You can complete the schedule yourself and return it to Democratic Services or if you would prefer a short informal meeting with either Carol or Cathryn please contact Cathryn on the details below. Those members who were elected earlier this year will be contacted directly for an informal appointment to guide them through the process. The returned forms will be analysed and the results will feed in to the training programme delivered over the next twelve months and beyond. Since the PDP process was introduced there has been a 100% return which we want to keep up, therefore if you don’t feel the need for any training at this time please sign and date the schedule at the back and submit your nil response. Don’t worry if you change your mind in the future just let Cathryn know what training you want. Cathryn Filbin on tel: 01257 515123 or email: