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The Council recognises that for many people, their energy bills (gas and electricity) are a major concern. Rising prices of gas and electricity in recent years, coupled with the economic downturn, have caused significant challenges for many residents. In some cases, this has contributed to an increased incidence of Fuel Poverty within communities. We have therefore set up an energy switching support service, the purpose of which is to help customers to get the best possible deal from their energy providers. Often the prospect of switching energy tariffs or suppliers is too daunting for residents, and results in them continuing on unsuitable tariffs, meaning that the customer is paying more than they need to for their energy. Such customers may lack the IT skills to search for better deals on the internet, or simply be bewildered by the apparent complexity of the switching process. This is where the new service can help. All that customers need to do to access our help is to contact the Council and ask for an appointment to see Heather Shaw, who is the expert that the Council has engaged to deliver this service. Customers will need to bring to the appointment the following information: • their most recent energy bills, or their Annual Energy Statement (which is sent on the anniversary of the date that the customer starting to receive a supply from that particular supplier), • a recent meter reading(s) Heather will then be able to do a web search, based on the information supplied by the customer, which will generate options for the customer to consider, where there are savings to be made in comparison with their current tariffs. Heather will also be able to contact customers’ suppliers to help then with the switching process and also to deal with any ‘aftercare’ problems once the switching has taken place. The service will be located in the One Stop Shop, Civic Offices, Union Street, every Monday, starting on 2 June from 9am to 5pm.