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Frequency of local borough elections

Chorley council holds its local borough elections by thirds. This means that a third of the Council is elected each year, with the following third the year after and the final third the year after that. Every fourth year there are no local borough elections as this is when we hold the elections for Lancashire County Council.

Once elected a councillor will serve a term of four years. However, if a councillor steps down from their seat and it becomes available we will hold a by-election.

Most wards in borough consist of three Councillor seats which allows voters to vote every time there is a local borough election. There are some wards however, that have fewer seats. This means that voters in these wards will not be able to vote in every local borough election. This will not effect your right to vote in other elections (ie General Elections, Police and Crime Commissioner Elections).

To check if your ward will be voting in future local borough elections click on the relevant link below.