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Performance Focus - Policy and Governance

Meeting: 15/12/2022 - Overview and Scrutiny Performance Panel (Item 11)

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To receive and consider the report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


Councillor Peter Wilson, Executive Member for Resources, and Councillor Alistair Bradley, Executive Member for Economic Development and Public Service Reform presented the Policy and Governance Performance Focus.


The directorate covered five services,

-       Communications and Visitor Economy,

-       Finance,

-       Governance,

-       Transformation and Partnerships,

-       Business Support.


Financially, the directorate had a variance in the budget of 0.6% equaling £33,000. The overspend was due to the increase in the cost of utilities, the increase in audit fees and the pay award against the budgeted 2%.


The performance of the indicators within the corporate strategy was strong. Two of the four indicators were at or above target and better than Quarter 2 2021/22. A highlighted indicator was ‘the % of 16 – 17 year old’s who are not in education, employment or training (NEET)’. Performance was above target at 1.5% but performance was down against Quarter 2 2021/22. Work was ongoing with the Youth Zone and the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure training, information and assistance could be provided. Members raised that there was to be an analysis identifying the barriers in place in wards with the highest percentage of NEET such as Adlington and Anderton. Action was ongoing, but further information could be provided following the Committee.


All four of the Communications and Visitor Economy indicators were at or above target, with two new baseline targets in place which focused on the performance of Astley Hall. It was not certain if the ticket sales of 4694 included the annual or family ticket, and if it included return figures with those tickets.


Social media engagement was considered to be the culmination of views, comments, clicks, and followers. The Council had access to a compiled dashboard, and more information could be returned to Members. The most popular post in November 2022 featured the Santa Express returning with 29,000 engagements.


Two thirds of the finance performance indicators were at or better than target. The underperforming indicator was ‘supplier payment within 30 days’. It was the view of the council that anything below the target of 99% was unacceptable. Covid, changes to the workforce and the change in payment processing software impacted this result.


80% of Governance indicators were on or above target. The two indicators that were below were ‘% complaints to the Chief Executive responded to within 10 working days’, and the ‘Number of external Lancastrian bookings’. It was highlighted that there was not a similar target for Councillors due to the difficulty to analyse and assess, and Covid impacted the bookings to the Lancastrian.


It was added that the Lancastrian was not actively promoted, and garnered custom through repeat bookings and word of mouth. The Council did not wish to have the Lancastrian fully booked, as the venue was used as a community space for many groups that were impacted by Covid. The council often provided the hall at discount rates for some charitable groups and events. The number of external bookings was below target, but was better  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11