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Quarter One Performance Report 2019/20

Meeting: 01/08/2019 - Executive Cabinet (Item 128)

128 Quarter One Performance Report 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 350 KB

To consider and receive the report of the Director (Policy and Governance).


The report be noted.


Councillor Peter Wilson, Executive Member (Resources), presented the report of the Director (Policy and Governance) which sets out the performance against the delivery of the Corporate Strategy and Key Performance Indicators during the first quarter of 2019/2020. 


Overall, performance of key projects is very good, with nine (75%) of the projects rated as green and three (25%) projects rated amber with the action plan for each of these projects contained within the report. Performance of the Corporate Strategy indicators and key service delivery measures is excellent, with 100% of Corporate Strategy measures and 88% of key service delivery measures performing on or above target or within the 5% threshold. Action plans for those indicators performing below target were included in the report.


Members noted that, with regards to bin collection, Q1 figures had been impacted by the transition to a new waste contractor but that if performance did not improve by Q2 penalties for the contractor could be introduced. Members also noted that, with regards to Primrose Gardens, handover had proceeded despite the known snagging issues in order to meet timescales for funding.



That the report be noted.


Reasons for Recommendation(s):

To facilitate the on-going analysis and management of the Council’s performance in delivering the Corporate Strategy.


Alternative Options Considered and Rejected: