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Implementation of Equality Act 2010 in respect of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Meeting: 13/11/2019 - Licensing and Public Safety Committee (Item 114)

114 Implementation of Equality Act 2010 in respect of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles pdf icon PDF 108 KB

Report of the Director of Customer and Digital.


Nathan Howson, Enforcement Team Leader (Licensing), presented a report of the Director (Customer and Digital) asking Members to determine whether to implement the sections of the Equality Act 2010 relating to licensed wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs).


In response to Members’ questions, it was noted that the Council’s records showed 10 licenced WAVs in the borough. Officers advised they were aware of more but that the details/specifications of these were not recorded, and Councillors agreed the creation of a list (as included under Section 167) would be a good opportunity to update these records. With regards to the advantages of implementing the Sections, it was noted that passengers would be able to see what vehicles were available and how to access them and there was a duty on drivers to offer additional assistance.


Members of the Committee agreed that there was a definite need in Chorley for WAVs and that implementing these Sections was a good way to address that need. It was noted that, from here, a policy would be drafted for Members’ consideration after which consultation would commence.



1.    Sections 165, 166 and 167 of the Equality Act 2010 be implemented, and

2.    Officers prepare a policy for the Committee’s consideration in respect of the specification of wheelchair accessible vehicles and the exemption criteria and procedure for those drivers who could not comply with the duties set out in the Act on medical or physical condition grounds.