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Meeting: 10/12/2019 - Planning Committee (Item 25)

25 19/00375/FUL - Land Adjacent To Wigan Lodge pdf icon PDF 100 KB

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Full planning permission refused.


Registered speakers: Emma Holt (Objector), Alistair Bradley (Ward Councillor), and Josh Hellawell (Agent).


After careful consideration, it was proposed by Councillor Holgate, seconded by Councillor Yvonne Hargreaves and a decision was subsequently taken (unanimously) that planning permission be refused for the reason set out below:


The development is inappropriate development in the Green Belt, which is harmful by definition. It fails to preserve the openness of the Green Belt and conflicts with the third purpose of the Green Belt due to encroachment into the countryside. Other harm arises from the poor-quality design of the gate and fence which appear as prominent, incongruous features, which have an urbanising effect, to the detriment of the street scene and the rural locality. The development is, therefore, contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework at Chapter 13 and policy BNE1 (Design Criteria for New Development) of the adopted Chorley Local Plan 2012-2026.