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Shared Consultation Framework

Meeting: 16/09/2021 - Executive Cabinet (Item 51)

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To receive and consider the report of the Deputy Chief Executive (enclosed).


Additional documents:


To approve the Consultation Framework in Appendix A.


Councillor Alistair Bradley, Executive Member (Economic Development and Public Service Reform), presented the report of the Deputy Chief Executive which sets out the Shared Consultation framework for approval.


In November 2020, a review was launched to produce a shared consultation policy with South Ribble Borough Council, seeking to harmonise and strengthen the approach to consulting across Chorley Council. This forms part of the wider implementation of shared services Phase 1.


This resulted in the creation of the Consultation Framework, which is shared between Chorley and South Ribble Councils. The purpose of the framework is to ensure that the council has a clear statement of the approach it will take to consultation, supporting all officers to apply a consistent approach. The framework also provides staff with a straightforward guide on how to conduct consultations, outlining the overall approach and presenting a step-by-step toolkit on how to conduct consultation activities.



To approve the Consultation Framework in Appendix A.


Reasons for recommendation(s):

1.    The Consultation Framework sets out how Chorley Council undertakes consultations.

2.    Without a framework, consultations may not be consistently planned and undertaken in the proper way across the council. This can lead to poor consultations and consequently poor decision making. This framework is a shared approach across Chorley and South Ribble Councils which will provide a consistent approach for staff to work too.

3.    Consultation is also a way for communities, residents and businesses to engage with the Council and shape their local area. Without a framework key features that promote inclusivity and accessibility may not be routinely applied, inadvertently leaving some voices unheard.

4.    The framework provides officers across Chorley Council with the guidance and tools to undertake high quality consultations as and when needed.


Alternative options considered and rejected:

To not have a framework. As shared services continues to develop consultations could continue to be undertaken unilaterally by services, however the quality may be inconsistent. Further to this, different processes across shared teams could lead to confusion or misapplication, whereas a single shared framework will provide consistency.