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Governance Committee Guidance and Effectiveness Review

Meeting: 24/11/2021 - Governance Committee (Item 47)

47 Governance Committee Guidance and Effectiveness Review pdf icon PDF 202 KB

To receive and consider the report of the Director of Governance.


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Dawn Highton explained that in 2018, CIPFA issued guidance on good practice. A self-assessment was completed with the Chair of the Governance Committee included in Appendix A of the report.


The self-assessment demonstrated that the committee was largely operating in line and meeting best practice. There were 5 areas identified that could be improved.


The self-assessment recommended;

·         The self-assessment was completed annually and presented to the Governance Committee

·         That the Committee should consider appointing an independent person with audit or financial experience.

·         A short survey to be developed by the Service Lead Audit and Risk in conjunction with the Chair and issued to stakeholders to assess the value of the Committee to the Council.

·         Training to be provided to address the needs of the committee when required.


Appendix B contained the Terms of reference, and it detailed how the Committee was meeting the requirements in its operation.


Appendix C was the draft terms of reference to be adopted. The aspect of standards would be unchanged. The report recommended that the updated Terms of Reference was submitted to Council for approval.


It was confirmed that the self-assessments should have started in 2018 but would now be completed annually.


Dawn was happy to consider suggestions from Independent Person Peter Ripley which included the Committee’s role in selecting and recommending Independent Persons, the annual standards complaints report and work of external bodies relating to Standards.


Members raised that they would like to see additional information relating to the risks with the Terms of Reference, particularly related to the Council’s management of lockdown and Covid-19, in addition to the risks in safeguarding.


It was stated that with safeguarding, the Council self-assessed, and used to assist the County Council, and that within the Audit Plan, safeguarding would be conducted in quarter 1 of 2022.


Decision: Members Unanimously agreed for the item to return in January following amendments raised during discussion.