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Performance Focus: Customer and Digital

Meeting: 27/07/2022 - Overview and Scrutiny Performance Panel (Item 3)

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To receive and consider the report of the Director of Change and Delivery


Executive Member for Customer, Streetscene and Environment Councillor Adrian Lowe presented the Performance Focus: Customer and Digital Report that provided an overall summary, budget position, key performance measures and an update on the corporate strategies relevant to the directorate.


The Customer and Digital directorate covered the shared services of customer service and ICT, in addition to Neighborhoods, Streetscene and Waste Services.


Three quarters of the corporate service level performance measures were performing at or above target at the end of quarter four.


Of 8 business plan projects, five have been completed, and three are amber, the predominant reason was a result of the challenges faced by ICT and customer services and the restructure.


ICT and Customer Services were a part of the second phase of Shared Services, and the number of vacancies from the restructure impacted the performance figures. 


Exploring the financial position, there was a 1.6% variance in the budget, and the directorate was the largest element of Council funding and finance.


Street cleaning and ground maintenance targets were increased from the previous year due to the performance of the team,


Work was identified and completed towards two corporate strategy objectives of extending improvement to street services and improvements to deliver a better customer service and to provide greener and cleaner streets and neighborhoods.


Issues were acknowledged with customer services and the contact centre, but efforts were underway to correct and improve the service provided.


The new Members of the Council on the Committee praised the support provided by ICT during and since their new member induction


It was explained that the wait times and abandonment rates for users calling 515151 was due to the impact of the restructure and the vacant posts


Covid did not cause a decrease in staff, however the there was a nationwide difficulty in recruiting staff. In addition to teething issues, Customer Services were impacted to other influences such as additional delegated responsibilities from central government, an example was the £150 Council Tax rebate. Residents were encouraged to complete the application online, but many would chase up their applications over the phone.


On the topic of the council tax rebate, 90% of eligible residents have received their rebate.


Within the directorate, 12 apprenticeships were created, and recruitment was ongoing.


As part of the Shared Services, customer services operations across both Chorley and South Ribble, allowing for greater flexibility and resources to allow both organisations to meet and achieve their targets.


The grey bin subscription service increased in cost from £30 a year to £32.50, with an earnings prediction of £815,000 for the year. The latest figures suggested that the subscription generated £812,000 and was on track to meet the predicted figure. This subscription was budgeted for and was required to make up the one-million-pound shortfall from the County Council. Without the subscription service, significant cuts to the service and would have been required.


Union Street remained open and was briefly closed during the pandemic upon government advice, and operated on both a pop in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3