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Minutes of Meeting Thursday, 17 September 2020 of Overview and Scrutiny Task Group - Sustainable Public Transport. pdf icon PDF 285 KB


The Minutes were approved as a correct record.


Declarations of any Interest

Members are reminded of their responsibility to declare any pecuniary interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda.


If you have a pecuniary interest you must withdraw from the meeting. Normally you should leave the room before the business starts to be discussed. You do, however, have the same right to speak as a member of the public and may remain in the room to enable you to exercise that right and then leave immediately. In either case you just not seek to improperly influence a decision on the matter.


No interests were declared.


Verbal Presentation by County Councillor Keith Iddon

County Councillor Keith Iddon to provide a verbal presentation that includes but not limited to the County Council’s and Chorley Council’s role in public transport, bus services, funding streams, opportunities, development of sustainable transport and methods and means to reduce social isolation.


The Task Group welcomed Lancashire County Councillor Keith Iddon to provide a verbal presentation to explain the role of the County Council relating to public transport, highlighting initiatives involving sustainable transportation and to social Isolation, and to offer insight as to what Chorley Council could do in this regard.


The Task Group heard that the operation of the buses was deregulated in 1986, and since then, independent bus operators approached the County Council to inform them of their routes, and in turn the County Council were able to suggest beneficial routes and offer subsidies. There was an accepted difficulty related to routes in rural areas, and the balance for the County Council to support these routes is £5 a head.


95% of all bus routes were commercially operated. The County Council held a statutory role to support the English National Concession Scheme for elderly and disabled passengers in addition to school transport.


The County Council had no control over rail transport, and the operation was the responsibility of individual rail companies, although the County Council was consulted over changes or reduction in services. The reduction to two hourly service in Adlington was Covid related. It was acknowledged that there needed to be better communication between the Rail Company and the County Council with Chorley Council. Councillors felt that were answers outstanding. There were currently a lot of disgruntled residents with the service provided.


In response to a query by Members, it was explained that the County Council was limited in ways it can influence bus services to be environmentally friendly, but there were opportunities for bus companies to receive funding from the Department for Transport to use cleaner vehicles. Various attempts at receiving funding was unsuccessful, while other funding avenues required greater infrastructure which limited the ability of the County to make a successful bid.


Members raised concerns with individual bus routes through their wards. Cllr Keith Iddon encouraged Members to email him with any issue or concerns and he would do his best to assist. Members were encouraged to promote bus usage, as for transport to be sustainable, it had to be used, and the more used the buses were, the more routes and cheaper fares there would be.


It was asked if there was a tangible difference in cost between cleaner fuels and carbon, Cllr Keith Iddon was unable to say as currently there was significant levels of subsidy available, when these were no longer in place, they could be more expensive to run.


Funding Streams


The County Council were awarded £3 million in January 2020, with a further £1.5 for 2021.


The Department of Transport provided funding for the County Council to encourage public transportation use over private car use. Due to Covid-19, there had been a disruption to both funding and passengers.


When bus routes were no longer viable, the bus company would give notice, and the County Council, would do its best to seek the funds required to maintain the route. It was highlighted that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 20.OS7


Local Government Association Presentation and Information Discussion pdf icon PDF 260 KB

To receive and consider the Local Government Association’s presentation and information relating to ‘The Role of Buses’.

Additional documents:


Both Cllr June Molyneaux and Cllr Mark Clifford attended the Webinar.


Members found that the presentations interesting, with comparisons to other councils highlighted. There was enthusiasm for hydrogen and electric buses, but Alison Marland, Principle Planning Officer, explained that there was constraint with electric buses due to the battery life, and the carbon cost of producing, storing and disposal of the batteries, and currently operators are exploring hydrogen.


Cllr June Molyneaux left the meeting 19:28




Review and Update the Scope pdf icon PDF 230 KB

To receive and consider the existing scope


Members raised that they would be potentially looking at the Highways and Transport Masterplan, and to have Cllr Keith Iddon return.


Cllr Julia Berry left the Meeting 19:30


Members agreed to note the scope.


Date of Next Meeting

Thursday, 3 December 2020 18:00


3 December 2020 18:00