Agenda and minutes

General Purposes Committee - Wednesday, 7th February 2007 5.00 pm app available
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Venue: Committee Room, Town Hall, Chorley

Contact: Gordon Bankes 

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Councillors Mrs M Cullens, D Edgerley, C Hoyle, M Muncaster and J Wilson.


Declarations of Any Interests

Members of the Committee are reminded of their responsibility to declare any personal interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000, the Council’s Constitution and the Members Code of Conduct.  If the personal interest is a prejudicial interest, then the individual Member should not participate in a discussion on the matter and must withdraw from the meeting and not seek to influence a decision on the matter.


There were no declarations of interest by any Members in any of the agenda items.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 18 KB

To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee held on 11 October 2006 (enclosed)


RESOLVED – That the minutes of the meeting of the General Purposes Committee held on 11 October 2006 be confirmed as a correct record for signature by the Chair.


Pay and Reward Enablement Group - Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 424 KB

Report of Director of Human Resources (enclosed)


The Director of Human Resources submitted a report seeking endorsement of the Terms of Reference of the Pay and Reward Enablement Group to be set up to agree proposals for the introduction of new pay and grading structure for the Council.


The Director reminded the Committee of the requirements of recent National Agreements for a pay and grading review, which had led to the current Job Evaluation process, the outcome of which would form the basis for the a new  pay and grading structure.


The Pay and Reward Enablement Group would comprise four representatives from both Management and UNISON and would report its findings and recommendations to the General Purposes Committee.


The Director also advised the Committee that, following a request from UNISON for additional time to consider information and consult its members, completion of the Job Evaluation process would need to be delayed until the summer.


RESOLVED – That the Pay and Reward Enablement Group be established with the following terms of reference:


1.      The Group will comprise of representatives from Management and UNISON.  In the interests of meaningful consultation and negotiation, it is acknowledged that representative will be limited to 4 per side.  Observers/Advisors may be invited as appropriate.


2.      The Group will be chaired by the Executive Director (Corporate & Customer) or his representative.  Secretarial support will be provided by Chorley Concil.


3.      It will have authority to agree proposals relating to the introduction of the new pay and grading arrangements for Chorley Council.


4.      The pay and grading structure will be based on the outcomes of job evaluation, current employment and equalities legislation and Council requirements.


5.      The external and internal influences and constraints affecting both management and trade union sides are acknowledged by both sides.


6.      It is the primary consultative and negotiation forum specifically for:

         a.      the introduction of a new pay and grading structure for Chorley Council;

         b.      the transition arrangements for introducing the new pay and grading structure;

         c.      any compensation arrangements for employees affected by the introduction of the new pay and grading structure.


7.      It is a time limited group which will cease to exist following the completion of the above tasks – any further negotiation and consultation will be part of the normal consultative and negotiation arrangements for Chorley Council.


8.      The completion date is 31 March 2007.


9.      All recommendations from the Group will be referred to the General Purposes Committee for approval and a final decision.


10.    In the event of the Group failing to reach agreement on any of the recommendations, the General Purposes Committee will take the final decision.  The recommendation will be taken in a written report and the Management and Trade Union sides will have the opportunity to address the meeting prior to a decision being made.


Wildlife and Countryside act 1981 - Part III Claim For Definitive Map Modification Order pdf icon PDF 425 KB

Report of Director of Customer, Democratic and Legal Services (enclosed)

Additional documents:


The Director of Customer, Democratic and Legal Services presented a report on a claim submitted to the Lancashire County Council for the status of public right of way to be conferred on a path at Fairview Farm, Adlington, running in a south-westerly direction from Highfield Road North, Adlington to join with Public Footpath No 5 at the pedestrian level crossing over the Manchester-Preston railway line.


The claim had been lodged under Part III of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 on the basis that the footpath had been used for more than 20 years without interruption by the public.  The Borough Council’s views had been sought as part of the County Council’s consultation on the request.


The report pointed out that, as the Council had no direct information or evidence to prove public usage of the path, it would be inappropriate to either endorse or oppose the claim.


RESOLVED – That, in the circumstances, no objection be raised by the Borough Council to the claim for public right of way status being granted on the length of path at Fairview Farm, Adlington shown on the plan attached to the submitted report.


Highways Act 1980 - Section 118 and 119 - Proposed Diversion of Parts of Public Footpaths No. 76 and No. 80 and Extinguishment of Part of Public Footpath No. 79 at Coppull pdf icon PDF 425 KB

Report of Director of Customer, Democratic and Legal Services (enclosed)

Additional documents:


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Customer, Democratic and Legal Services on a proposal submitted to the Lancashire County Council for the diversion of lengths of Public Footpaths Nod 76 and 80, in conjunction with the extinguishment of a length of Pubic Footpath No 79 at Coppull.


The landowner had requested authority to divert lengths of Public Footpaths Nod. 76 and 80 from their current routes leading to and through Bogburn Hall Farm, Coppull and on to new routes to the south of the farm building, skirting the periphery of the site.  If agreed, those diversions would render the northernmost length of Public Footpath No 79 redundant, which could, therefore, be extinguished.


A plan identifying the respective lengths and routes of the three relevant footpaths was attached to the submitted report.


It was reported by a Member at the meeting that Coppull Parish Council had yet to formulate an opinion on the proposal and the Committee was assured that the Borough Council’s position would not be prejudiced if their decision on the consultation was deferred.


RESOLVED – That a decision on the consultation be deferred to take account of Coppull Parish Council’s views on the proposals following the Parish Council’s meeting with appropriate County Council Officers.