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Note: Please note this is not a meeting, but a decision to be taken by the Chief Executive under emergency powers 

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Business and Planning Bill 2020- Adoption of Policy pdf icon PDF 174 KB

To receive and consider the report of the Director of Customer and Digital. 

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1.         To adopt the Statement of Licensing Policy for Pavement Licences under the Business and Planning Bill.

2.         That authority be delegated to the Director (Customer and Digital) to make such amendments to the policy as are necessary following changes to legislation and/ or guidance.

3.         That the Scheme of Delegation at Appendix 5 of the policy be approved, and the relevant amendments made to the Constitution.


Reason for the decision

1.         Part 1 of the Business and Planning Bill proposes a change to the way a business may seek authorisation for placing removable furniture on a highway. This new legislation aims to streamline the process to remove an unnecessary burden on businesses in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

2.         There is likely to be significant demand for outdoor areas being made available to businesses due to the need for social distancing. The policy seeks to set out an application process and approach to be adopted by the Council in the administration of this function.

3.         Where an application for a Pavement Licence is made to the Council, if, after a 14 day period the Council has not determined the application, the licence is deemed granted and subject only to the national conditions and any conditions which the Council has published. If the Council has not published conditions, any deemed licences would be subject only to the national condition.


Leader Consultation Response



The Chief Executives response to Member Representations



Decision taken by the Chief Executive pursuant to the delegation contained at Appendix 2 Responsibility for Functions, Part C paragraph 1.3, urgent and emergency situations.





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