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Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Chorley

Contact: Ruth Rimmington  Email:

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Welcome by the Chair


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Minutes of meeting Wednesday, 17 January 2018 of Chorley Liaison pdf icon PDF 98 KB

Additional documents:


Decision - That the minutes of the last meeting held on 17 January 2018 be confirmed as a correct record.


Item from the work programme: Discussion with a representative of Chorley Police

At the last meeting it was agreed to invite a representative of Chorley Police  to give an update on crime in Chorley.


The Chair welcomed CI Mike Adamson from Lancashire Constabulary.  CI Adamson had been invited to attend the meeting following queries on crime at the last meeting. 


CI Adamson reported that crime figures have increased in the area, some of this is due to austerity measures and also because there have been changes in the reporting some crimes, and this makes comparison difficult in some categories. 


Crime is now recorded at the point of contact, whereas previously officers had 72 hours to investigate and filter out when a crime had not been committed. Cybercrime, particularly harassment, have increased.  Harassment and stalking are now recorded within violent crime. 


It is positive that cases of Domestic Violence and sexual offenses are being reported, although this has meant an increase in the figures.  The national media has an impact on this.  


Residential burglaries are now recorded in a different way.  There has been a spike in thefts from homes and vehicles due to owners not securing their property.  There has also been a number of cases where homes have been broken into to steal car keys and high value vehicles.  A proactive response has been effective, but residents need to ensure their property and vehicles are secure.


The types in incidents the Police are responding to has changed, with an increase in complex mental health cases, welfare issues, human trafficking and modern day slavery cases.  The skills needed by Police Officers are changing from being specialisms to part of everyday work.  CI Adamson noted the need for public services to work together in an integrated way and thanked Chorley Council for their proactive approach to integrated working. 


The Group discussed some specific cases relating robberies and anti-social behaviour.   The numbers of PCSO’s and Police officers was discussed.  CI Adamson noted that recruitment for Police officers is now ongoing and there should be an increased presence on the streets as a result. 


It was noted that Chorley Police response officers do support the ongoing presence at the fracking site, but they do this on their rest days, to minimise the impact on Chorley.  Support units do support the ongoing presence at the fracking site. 


Ian Horsfield queried the nature of meetings with the Police in Anderton.  CI Adamson undertook to check this. 


Jean Cronshaw requested an update on the Police base in Clayton.  CI Adamson advised that the owner of the premises had sold the building and that local Councillors will be updated with any developments. 


A member of the group thanked CI Adamson for the assistance she had received from the Police following a burglary. 


The Chair thanked CI Mike Adamson for the update.


Item requested by Chorley Council: Open Space and Playing Pitch Study

Lindsay Blackstock, Parks and Open Spaces Officer, and Knight, Kavanagh & Page Ltd (KKP) will attend to outline the project, introduce KKP and explain what and why is an Open Space and Playing Pitch Study being undertaken?  The meeting will consider data collection and how to be involved. 


The Chair welcomed Lindsey Blackstock, Open Space Strategy Officer, Chorley Council, Jonathan Gauhroger and Carmel Daniel from Knight, Kavanagh & Page (KKP).  KKP are currently conducting research with Chorley, South Ribble and Preston Councils to find out how open spaces are used, thought of and what we can do to improve them.  Open spaces are places that can be used by the public, including parks, play areas, playing pitches and more.


The existing Strategy is a five year plan from 2014 – 2019 and with the fourth year almost complete.  A forward plan is needed in advance to justify the collection of developer contributions from new developments and also inform the pooling of Section 106 monies.


It was requested that Parish Councils promote and complete the two surveys; a communities survey and a children’s survey.  The results of the survey will serve as a key evidence base to inform future strategic planning and decision-making processes for open spaces.


The closing date for the surveys will be confirmed.  Lindsey undertook to follow up an action in relation to Cunnery Meadow. 


The Chair thanked the officers for the update.


Questions from Members of the Liaison and the public

In order to allow members of the Liaison and members of the public to raise issues of local concern, a period of 20 minutes has been set aside.


A member of the public may speak for no more than 3 minutes.  Members of the public are not required to give notice of the issue they intend to raise, although it is expected in the case of service issues that the appropriate mechanisms for resolving the issue have been explored. 


Where a question is raised which cannot be answered at the meeting, a record will be kept by officers supporting the meeting and it will be responded to via the appropriate mechanism.


Ian Horsfield, Anderton Parish Council, queried the development of the park and ride scheme.  Chris Sinnott advised that the park and ride was brought in as a trial to cope with extra demand while new car parks are created.  The scheme runs on Tuesdays and Saturdays and starts at 9am with buses every 15 minutes and the last bus leaving the town centre to return to the car park at 5.20pm.  It operates from Morrisons car park, on Brooke Street, and will drop people and pick them up from the Union Street stop outside Booths.




Items for Future Meetings pdf icon PDF 76 KB

A schedule setting out deadlines for items to be requested on the agenda for the Chorley Liaison and dates for future meetings is enclosed. 


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 18 July 2018. Requests for agenda items should be sent to Ruth Rimmington by Friday, 29 June on 01257 515118 or email