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Chorley Liaison - Wednesday, 22nd March 2023 6.30 pm app available
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Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Chorley and Youtube

Contact: Coral Astbury, Democratic and Member Services Officer  Email:


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Welcome by the Chair


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Minutes of meeting Wednesday, 18 January 2023 of Chorley Liaison pdf icon PDF 224 KB


The minutes would be amended to reflect the attendance of Councillor Cornwell and were noted.




The minutes were agreed as a correct record.


Voter ID - Presentation pdf icon PDF 190 KB

The Electoral Services Team Leader will be in attendance to give an update and answer questions on Voter ID.



Additional documents:


Cathryn Filbin, Electoral Services Team Leader, provided Members with an update on Voter ID to ensure that those present were aware of the changes to legislation and what options were available to those who did not hold photographic ID.


The Chair thanked the Electoral Services Team Leader for her attendance.


Item requested by Bretherton Parish Council pdf icon PDF 293 KB



The Parish Council is concerned about the County Council attitude to road safety issues which appears to be based on ‘doing nothing’ until there is an accident. Preventative actions do not seem to be being considered.


Attached is the text of an email sent to CC Swarbrick along with the reply received.



A representative from Bretherton Parish Council presented the item and explained their concerns about road safety in Bretherton.


Members expressed disappointment at the response from Lancashire County Council (LCC) and advised the Parish Council to contact their local County Councillor who could assist in facilitating communications with LCC.


Item requested by Heath Charnock Parish Council



-          To raising wider awareness of concerns recently raised by Nickleton Brow residents in Heath Charnock Parish due to speeding cars, under-reporting of traffic incidents, possible drug-driving following the use of nitrogen dioxide, litter created by discarded canisters in the Rivington area and damage to property (of individuals  and in public ownership of United Utilities).


The Parish Council has reported this to the Police who said they would take action.


Mr Andy Pratt, the Deputy Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner is due to attend the 16 March Heath Charnock Parish Council meeting where these concerns will be discussed. The Parish Council’s representative will be able to update the Chorley Liaison meeting.



A representative from Heath Charnock Parish Council introduced the item and explained that his parish had experienced an issue with racing vehicles and nitrous oxide cannisters. The Parish was due to meet with the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner and he would provide an update at a future meeting.


The Director of Communities advised that the issue could be taken to the Community Safety Partnership.


Questions from Members of the Liaison and the public

In order to allow members of the Liaison and members of the public to raise issues of local concern, a period of 20 minutes has been set aside.


A member of the public may speak for no more than 3 minutes.  Members of the public are not required to give notice of the issue they intend to raise, although it is expected in the case of service issues that the appropriate mechanisms for resolving the issue have been explored. 


Where a question is raised which cannot be answered at the meeting, a record will be kept by officers supporting the meeting and it will be responded to via the appropriate mechanism.


A question had been received from Councillor Alan Cornwell in relation to the Chorley Little Theatre, and the additional seating which was now blocking the emergency exit. The Director of Communities advised that Environmental Health Officers would visit the premises to take a look.

Another question was received in relation to cyclists speeding through pedestrianised areas, particularly within the town centre. The Leader of the Council explained that the Council was aware of the issue and was taking steps to prevent it from happening.


It was acknowledged that it was not commuters causing an issue but youths, mainly in the evenings and at weekends.


Items for Future Meetings pdf icon PDF 95 KB

A schedule setting out deadlines for items to be requested on the agenda for the Chorley Liaison and dates for future meetings is enclosed. 


The schedule of future items was noted.


A suggestion to include sporting provision for parishes was put forward from Wheelton Parish Council and was agreed to be included on a future agenda.


Any urgent business previously agreed with the Chair


No further business.