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Venue: Youth Zone, Skelmersdale

Contact: Sarah Ashcroft 

No. Item


Welcome and Introduction/Apologies

The Deputy Chair to introduce Rebecca Huddleston as the newly appointed Chair and welcome members to the meeting

Proposal: Information


The Deputy Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Rebecca Huddleston as the newly appointed Chair.  The Deputy Chair explained that Sarah James has now moved roles and the responsibilities of Partnerships was now being managed by Rebecca which includes the Children’s Partnership Board meeting.


Rebecca thanked the Deputy Chair and invited attendees to introduce themselves.

Actions: Deputy Chair


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 77 KB

The Board to note the minutes of the meeting 21st May and agree any further action on matters arising.

Proposal: Action


The Board agreed the minutes of the meeting held on 21 May as a correct record.


Karl Turner reminded members that inductions are available if anyone would like to attend one to contact Karl Turner or Sarah Ashcroft.

Actions: Chair


Pan Lancashire e-Safety Strategy pdf icon PDF 1019 KB

The Board to hear about the Pan Lancashire e-Safety Strategy and identify how they can support and promote e-Safety.

Proposal: Discuss

Additional documents:


Graham Lowe, Chair, Pan-Lancashire LSCB eSafeguarding Group attended the meeting and delivered a presentation, a copy is included with the minutes for information.


Graham gave an overview around online safety, including gaming, social media and the influences they can have on young people.  Graham explained that the issues are Lancashire wide and he summarised the Pan-Lancashire eSafeguarding Strategy 2014-2016 which has been put together to address eSafeguarding issues with a common approach across all agencies.


Graham advised that an eSafety Live session is due to take place in January 2016, these sessions run for 2 hours and have taken place each year since 2012.  It gives the LSCB an opportunity to gather information of where delegates feel they need help and support.


They have produced a template guide for schools to include in newsletters, websites etc which is used to raise parental/community awareness.  If anyone would like a copy of the template please let Graham know.


Graham recommended Online Compass for use for non-school organisations and 360 Safe for Schools, this is a self-review tool and is free to use.  If you want to receive accreditation you will pay for the service.


The eSafety live session is being held on 12 January 2016 at the Woodlands in Chorley, and he encouraged all organisations to send a representative.


Graham advised that he could visit organisations to deliver presentations to groups of staff or parents, please contact Graham directly for this.

Actions: Graham Lowe, Schools ICT Centre Manager


Safeguarding pdf icon PDF 257 KB

The Board to consider the findings of the LSCB report

Proposal: Information


No one was in attendance from the LSCB as they are currently part of the Ofsted inspection taking place.  The Chair asked if anyone had anything to raise.  A report had been provided with the agenda.


The report was noted.


Karl Turner explained that the two Serious Case Reviews and briefings are available via the link included on the LSCB summary report, there was some learning for the LSCB from the reviews.


Karl mentioned that there had also previously been a 7 minute briefing which is on the latest e-bulletin.


Actions: Richard Matthews


Child Sexual Exploitation

A reminder for Board members to roll out the e-learning to all partners and their staff to raise awareness of CSE, the link can be accessed here


The Chair advised that CSE is now a standing item on the agenda.  She asked if everyone could be reminded to roll out the e-learning via the link on the agenda.


The Chair had attended the Trust Board meeting earlier in the week and advised that there had been an update on each district.  As at 1 September 12,261 partners had completed the e-learning across Lancashire.


The Chair advised that it had been reported that the schools uptake had been lower than expected, although it had been noted that groups of staff may have been completing the training together and so may not be a true reflection of numbers.


The stats were as follows:


Chorley under 7%

South Ribble 3%

West Lancs 5%


This information is also on the Children’s Trust website.


Debra Wilson advised that the LCFT had now put the training on their internal system for staff to access and that maybe figures weren’t being fed to LCC if they weren’t completing it on the LCC website.


John Nelson agreed that this was also the case at West Lancs as there had been some issues logging into the LCC website.


Karl Turner confirmed that this had been a problem, and therefore the figures reported are most likely under representing and in fact the figures should be much higher.


The Chair to report back to the Trust Board.


Karl Turner advised that he had attended the second of the CSE Task and Finish Group and this is ongoing.  They are looking to produce another action plan, a further meeting has been arranged to align action plans.  Karl raised concern that he felt the group should be Task and Finish but appears to be ongoing.


Fiona Grieveson asked when the date of the meeting is as she wanted to attend but wasn’t aware.  Karl to advise.


Prevent Duty and Channel Programme pdf icon PDF 222 KB

A discussion with the Board to look at how this will work within Lancashire

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair introduced this item and explained that the paper had come into place on 1 July 2015 and was advice for schools and child care providers.


The Chair recommended a presentation by the Police which had been shared at the Trust Board meeting it can be found on the following link


Fiona Grieveson advised that her schools safeguarding policy now includes the Prevent Duty.


Sheila Minchin advised that staff at West Lancs College have all received training on Prevent Duty.  They have developed a train the trainer model, Sheila suggested that he could attend our next meeting.


John Nelson expressed the importance of raising staff awareness and said the National College of Policing have developed an online training package, this can be accessed via the following link  John strongly recommended this training it takes approximately 25 minutes to complete but is a very useful introduction into the prevent awareness.


The Chair mentioned that this item was also discussed at the Trust Board meeting and it was explained that the risk will vary across Lancashire, with Blackburn with Darwen and Burnley being the two districts identified as tier 2 medium threat area.


Each Local Authority and Police force will be able to provide detailed information for a specific local area. was recommended as a good resource.


It was agreed to ask the trainer from West Lancs College to attend the next meeting to deliver a presentation. 


Actions: Maria Gilling, Principal, West Lancashire College


Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help pdf icon PDF 67 KB

The Board to hear the most recent update on the closure of the initial Troubled Families Programme.


Prevention and Early Help Core Offer quarterly report attached.

Proposal: Discuss

Additional documents:


Stephanie Critchley introduce herself and explained that this was a new role for her after coming back to work from maternity leave, her role is the Locality Manager for West Lancs.  Stephanie explained that phase 2 of the WTWF has been confirmed and LCC has a target of 1,420 families to work with by March 2016.  Stephanie will be responsible for implementing the programme but is still waiting for more details.  The processes will be shared in the next couple of weeks.


Stephanie explained that the criteria has been widened as follows:


-       All families part of CAF process

-       Parent/s, child with criminal record/conviction

-       Not regularly attending school

-       Need help (no age criteria)

-       Child Protection Action Plan

-       Worklessness

-       Domestic violence and abuse

-       Health issues


Families will need to meet two or more of the above criteria and give consent to be part of the programme.


Stephanie explained that they are collecting data through children’s centres.  They are also working with DWP, Lynne Hayes in the South.  It will start imminently although as yet there is no date.


Stephanie advised that she has no detail from the last round, she will be committed to attend the Partnership Board meetings and if there are any questions she can’t answer she will take these back to senior managers.


Lili Rushton discussed the prevention and early help quarterly report for Chorley and South Ribble and gave an overview of the use of the core offer.


The Quarter 1 report for Chorley and South Ribble wasn’t included with the agenda.  A copy is included with the minutes.


A copy of the small grants application form is attached for information.

Actions: Stephanie Critchley, Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Locality Manager Lili Rushton, Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Coordinator Chorley and South Ribble


Raising Aspirations Project pdf icon PDF 155 KB

The Board to decide how we take this project forward

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair presented the item and gave an overview of the report that had previously been written by Andrea Smith who was no longer the Co-ordinator of the Board.


The Chair went through the scope and options of the report and asked members of the Board how they felt we could take this forward.


Karl Turner explained that this is on the action plan for the board but when this was added there was more capacity now there are three districts we don’t have the capacity anymore.


Mark Gaffney agreed that capacity is an issue.  Mark expressed that it is a very good project and it should accelerate what should be going on in relation to the City Deal and is therefore relevant for all.


Karl Turner suggested that a meeting with Jennifer Clough from South Ribble and possibly Sarah Tinsley from Young Enterprise be organised with Karl Turner and Sarah Ashcroft.  After this meeting an update will be able to be given at the next meeting.

Actions: Chair


Young People Participation Proposals pdf icon PDF 56 KB

The board to discuss options and agree a way forward

Proposal: Discuss


Karl Turner presented the item and explained the paper which was included.  He explained that as a board we are looking at how we can involve young people.  Karl explained that several meetings have already taken place and we were now looking at our options. 


We could hold an event which could look at our priorities with the focus on one priority a suggestion was ‘feel safe’.  Karl spoke about the problems around needing to hold an event in the 3 districts and the issues around resourcing an event.


Another option could be to have a survey put together which LCC could host.


John Nelson suggested attending an event/presentation that is already taking place and possibly link in with the Young Peoples Service.


Fiona Grieveson suggested contacting school parliaments as they run events, Fiona felt that the response rate may be better if we did something on-line.


Amanda Jakeman suggested we attend the West Lancs Jobs Fair.


The Chair asked if everyone could go back to their organisations and come back to the next meeting with details of their current engagement with young people and a list of dates of events that are scheduled to take place.

Actions: Karl Turner, Children's Trust Development Officer, LCC


Childrens Nasal Flu Vaccination Programme

The Board to hear about the National Children’s Nasal Flu Vaccination Programme.

Proposal: Discuss


Simon Tait from Intrahealth attended the meeting.  He explained that Intrahealth are rolling out the NHS flu vaccination to schools across Lancashire.  It is available to all Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Actions: Simon Tait, Comms & Customer Relations Manager, Intrahealth


Any other business

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair advised that the Annual Conference is taking place on 6 November at the Woodlands in Chorley.  There are 7 places available from this group.  Further details will be sent out in due course.


Karl advised that the CSE sub group had mentioned that a Training Package is being put together, designed as train the trainer.  Once this has been received this will be sent out.

Actions: Chair


A tour of the Youth Zone will follow at the close of the meeting


Future CPB meetings dates

Thursday 10 December 2015, 2pm – Committee Room 1, Chorley Town Hall


Thursday 10 March 2016, 2pm – Wheel Room, Civic Centre, South Ribble

Proposal: Information


Thursday 10th December 2.00pm – 4.00pm, Committee Room 1, Chorley Town Hall


Thursday 10th March 2.00pm – 4.00pm, Wheel Room, Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland

Actions: Chair


Additional papers presented at the meeting (attached) pdf icon PDF 4 MB

Additional documents:


(a)  eSafeguarding presentation

(b)  Quarter 1 report for Chorley and South Ribble

(c)  Small grants application form