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Venue: South Ribble Borough Council, Civic Centre, Leyland, PR25 1DH

Contact: Sarah Ashcroft 

No. Item


Welcome and Introductions

The Chair to welcome members to the meeting.

Proposal: Information


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves.

Actions: Chair


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 184 KB

The Board to note the minutes of the meeting 2nd February and agree any further action on matters arising.

Proposal: Action


The Board agreed:

·                That the minutes of the meeting held on 2 February 2015 be confirmed as a correct record.

·                That there were no matters arising not covered on the agenda.

Actions: Chair


Safeguarding pdf icon PDF 151 KB

·         Receive updates and actions from the LSCB

·         Summary from the LSCB

·         LSCB Meeting minutes from 20th March & 8th May

·         Review the Multi Agency Safeguarding Practice Inspection action plan for Chorley and South Ribble

Proposal: Discuss

Additional documents:


Richard Matthews gave an overview of the minutes of the Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board which met on 20 March 2015; a copy had been provided with the agenda. Richard also gave a brief summary of the meeting held on 8 May 2015 and agreed to supply a copy of the minutes once these have been signed off.


Richard asked if the Board would look over the Multi Agency Safeguarding Practice Inspection action plan from 2012, supplied with the agenda, and sign off.  It was agreed that a group of Members of the Board would look at this at the end of the meeting and agree if it could be signed off.


The Board agreed:

·         That the minutes of the LSCB be noted.

·         To discuss the MASPI Action Plan.


Actions: Richard Matthews/Paul Hegarty


Child Sexual Exploitation pdf icon PDF 67 KB

The Board to hear about the Pan Lancashire CSE Action Plan and the potential for it to plan for its implementation.


The Board to share their objectives, actions and desired outcomes with the Community Safety Partnership and consider a focussed task and finish group in partnership with the South CSP.

Proposal: Discuss


Tony Baxter, Lancashire Constabulary attended the meeting, he explained that he was attending all Children's Partnership Boards across Lancashire to strengthen links between the Boards, the LSCB and police-led CSE groups.  He explained that the CSE Strategy had been produced and now we need to look at how we deliver this.  Tony to provide a copy of the strategy for information.


Tony advised that week commencing 9 November will be CSE Awareness Week where there will be lots of activities taking place and a conference is due to take place on 11 November at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel.


A general discussion was had around e-safety, Richard advised that there is a one page document on the LSCB website, with also a link to a Digital Parenting Magazine.


Irene Elwell, Intervention and Prevention Offier was in attendance.  Irene explained that Preston and West Lancs had recently met to discuss the CSE action plan.  It was agreed that a Task and Finish Group should be set up to include local CSPs and the CPB; Ella Fossard to be invited from the Lancashire Constabulary.  The Task and Finish Group agreed to look at a co-ordinated approach to CSE activity.


The Board agreed:

·                To have CSE as a standing item on the agenda. (SA)

·                To invite Graham Lowe, School ICT Centre Manager to the September meeting. (SA)

·                To set up a Task and Finish Group. (IE)

Actions: Tony Baxter, Lancashire Constabulary Irene Elwell, Intervention and Prevention Officer, Chorley Council


Action Planning pdf icon PDF 141 KB

·         Board to consider and approve the draft Action Plan

·         Update on Raising Aspirations

·         Agree performance scorecard and measures for CPB

·         Children’s Voice (encompassing the CPB action plan and engaging with Youth council and Hannah Peake for Active Participation).

Proposal: Action

Additional documents:


Karl Turner informed the board that the action plan had been updated; it is a working document so amendments can be made as needed. Karl explained that the proposed performance measures, circulated with the agenda, had been pulled together by LCC and that they will inform the Instant Atlas package that LCC is now using to present statistical information. This is still work in progress and a draft should be available for the September CPB meeting.


Lesley Morville to provide forward plan for quarterly reports on the Prevention and Early Help Core Offer.  (LM)

Actions: Chair


Prevention and Early Help

The Board to establish a relationship with the LCC Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help team and processes to include:


·         Introduction and welcome to the Prevention and Early Help Co-ordinator for the three districts

·         Discuss the Prevention and Early Help Quarterly Report

·         Establish links with the LCC Commissioning team to ensure the CPB is able to monitor and influence future Early Support Core Offers in each district.

·         Hear clarification on position with regards to Parenting Commission and low take up of service (item 5 of last meeting’s minutes).

Proposal: Discuss


Lesley Morville advised that the next report would be available in June. 


Lesley addressed the concern over the lack of up take, in particular around Parenting Support.  Lesley confirmed that they are looking at different ways to change the parenting commission.


Fiona asked about the funding cut from Barnardos and Mosaic, Lesley confirmed that it is 40% across the board.

Actions: Stephanie Critchley, Locality Manager, Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help, LCC


Working Together with Families

The Board to discuss changes to Working Together with Families arrangements and escalation issues to the Partnership Board.

Proposal: Discuss


Sarah James raised concerns from Chorley Council around the changes to Working Together with Families.


-       Process has been halted with no data analysis

-       The Chorley Local Management Group (LMG) now appears to have reverted to an Early Support panel

-       It is unclear whether the Troubled Families Unit phase 2 programme is going to be implemented in Lancashire.

-       the development of an Early Action model across Lancashire, built around a multiagency panel


Sarah explained that Chorley’s concerns are that the WTWF has been successful and that we’d hope to go back to put processes in place.


Lesley Morville explained that they are waiting for the Government to give the go ahead to go into Phase 2 and that processes will change.  The approach will be the same but the funding behind the scenes will be different.


John Nelson explained that we need to identify the families with the greatest need, and that they’ve lost the link, he felt it had worked well and said that we need to know how it is going to be reported back in the future.


Lesley confirmed that it would be communicated when they know.  (LM)

Actions: Simon Clark, Head of Health, Environment and Neighbourhoods, Chorley Council


Any Other Business

Proposal: Discuss


John Nelson advised that the Glenburn Sports College in Skelmersdale is closing down.


Mark Gaffney asked why there was no Councillor member attendance at today’s meeting.


Karl/Sarah to invite elected members from Chorley, West Lancs and South Ribble to a joint induction.  (KT/SA)

Actions: Chair


Future CPB meeting dates

Confirm dates for future meetings:


·         September – West Lancs

·         December – Chorley

·         Feb/March 2016 – South Ribble

Proposal: Information


Thursday 17 September     10.00am – 12.00noon         West Lancs

Meeting to be followed by a tour of Youth Zone


Thursday 10 December      2.00pm – 4.00pm               Chorley



Coordinators to put together dates for future meetings;

Feb/March - South Ribble (SA)



At the conclusion of the meeting, the MASPI Action Plan was discussed, in connection with agenda item 3.  SJ, JR, LM, RM, MG, KT and SA were in attendance.  It was agreed that Richard and Lesley would make the agreed changes and on this basis the Action Plan was approved by the Board.  (RM/LM)

Actions: Chair