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Venue: Tan House Community Enterprise, Ennerdale, Tanhouse, Skelmersdale, WN8 6AN

Contact: Sarah Ashcroft 

No. Item


Welcome and Introduction/Apologies

The Chair to welcome members to the meeting and note any apologies

Proposal: Information


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves, apologies were noted as above.

Actions: Chair


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 68 KB

The Board to note the minutes of the meeting 10th March 2016 and agree any further action on matters arising

Proposal: Action


At item 6 there was an error, the new Prevention and Early Help Co-ordinator is Laura Davidson and not Richardson as noted in the previous minutes.


The Board agreed the minutes of the meeting held on 10 March 2016 as a correct record.


As Debra Wilson was unable to attend, the Chair advised that the update of the Children’s Service Scrutiny Committee would be deferred to the next meeting.


Karl Turner to chase up the data from the pupil attitude survey.


The Chair advised that she will bring the paper around Young People Participation to the next meeting.


The Chair advised that a meeting with the Youth Parliament had taken place to engage them in our Action Plan.

Actions: Chair


Issues children of prisoners often face

The Board to receive a brief presentation on the issues children of prisoners often face

Proposal: Discuss


Stephen Sinnott, from Providing Support to Families of Offenders attended the meeting and gave a presentation.


Stephen gave an overview of the service and support that POPs provides to families and partners.  Often families don’t know what support is available.  Stephen explained that information and training can be found on the I-Hop website.


Stephen explained the importance of raising the importance amongst partners to ensure families and children receive support.


If anyone would like any further information Stephen advised to contact Head Office.


If we have more than one partner interested in attending some additional training it was agreed that we could look to set up a joint training session.  Please contact Sarah who will coordinate this.

Actions: Stephen Sinnott, Partners of Prisoners


Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Service

The Board to receive an update on the WPEH Service

Proposal: Discuss


Nicola Murphy, Senior Manager, Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Service was in attendance for this item. Nicola explained that the WPEH service is on track to be implemented from 1st April 2017.  Following the consultation a report is due to be pulled together and published at the end of June, this will show changes being made as a result of the consultation process.


The second stage of the consultation will be staffing, structures, roles etc.  This is on track to be complete late February for implementation 1st April 2017.


Nicola asked if people haven’t seen the property consultation to look on the website as views are welcome.


Nicola advised that the outcome of the property consultation will show what will remain and what services will be delivered.  Nicola confirmed that some offers will be split.  For now it is business as usual, they are continuing to maintain services, staff are working hard and are committed.


Nicola advised that they are well into the work of the Troubled Families Unit/Programme.  The criteria is broader and there is greater focus on specific criteria.  Numbers for Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancs attached.


Nicola recognised that there is going to be a culture of change for staff in the Young People’s Service and Children’s Services.  It is how we align those services for the continuing need.


Nicola explained that they are learning from Phase 1 and need to look at how we engage and monitor agencies and what resources come with it.


John mentioned that he thought the Working together with Families was better than the term Troubled Families.  This was noted.


Mark asked if the consultation closes at the end of July.  Nicola confirmed this and advised that it would go to Cabinet in September.

Actions: Nicola Murphy, LCC


Prevention and Early Help Core Offer

The Board to receive an update

Proposal: Discuss


Stephanie Critchley, Locality Manager, Lancashire County Council presented this item.  Stephanie advised that Laura Davidson is the Prevention and Early Help Co-ordinator for Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancs.  Stephanie handed rounds some information showing the numbers for request of support.  The most popular reason for support was Emotional Health and Wellbeing followed by family support.  Stephanie ran through the requests and numbers per district.  Up to the end of March 2016, 3-4 referrals are being received each month, the co-ordinators are keeping an eye on it to see if the capacity is being used. 


Stephanie explained that in the future there will be less capacity and less staff, updates and refreshers will be needed for staff.


A discussion was had around using commissions across districts, Nicola confirmed that this is being discussed with Procurement.


Allan asked if they received referrals from YOT, Stephanie confirmed no they don’t.  Nicola explained that is common and happens in other areas.



Actions: Steph Critchley, WPEH Service




Post-Ofsted Children's Services Remodelling

The Board to receive an update on the children services remodelling

Proposal: Discuss


Tony Morrissey, Deputy Director of Children’s Services, LCC presented this item. 


Tony explained what changes would be necessary in remodelling Children’s Services.


Tony advised that there was a recruitment drive to fill posts, they have already recruited additional capacity in all areas but there are still gaps to be filled.


Tony explained how the new Hubs will run with regards to the reshaping of the service.


Tony advised that a letter will be sent to all Councils in the following week to set out the changes.


Stephanie Critchley advised that she is leaving her role, a new representative will be identified for attendance at the Children’s Partnership Board.  If this is not in place by the next meeting Nicola Murphy will attend.  The Chair thanked Stephanie for all her hard work and involvement on behalf of the Children’s Partnership Board.

Actions: Karen Moore, Children's Social Care


Children's Service Scrutiny Committee

Update on recent meetings

Proposal: Discuss


This item will be deferred to the next meeting in September.

Actions: Debra Wilson, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust


Lancashire Safeguarding Children's Board

The Board to receive an update since the recent changes

Proposal: Discuss


Victoria Gibson, LSCB was in attendance for this item.


Victoria explained that she has been in post since January, since joining the unit it is now a joint business unit for children and adults were previously it was just for children.


Victoria explained that they are going through a period of significant change with a massive agenda which continues to grow.


Victoria advised that a new virtual audit team has been commissioned.


Victoria advised that there have been an unprecedented number of serious case reviews, normally they would expect to see between 2 or 3 per year but this year 8 have been commissioned already.  With 7 open serious case reviews at the moment.  The LSCB have now adopted the new model for Serious Case Reviews which should be more timely, robust, impact focussed.  They will continue to look at actions and learning.


The refresh of the continuum of need has gone through it was felt that this was rushed but was also a good piece of work.  There are sessions planned for 11, 12, 13 July and twilight sessions for schools.  The feedback has been good as the language has been simplified and therefore easier to understand.


Karl asked if there will be regular attendance from the LSCB to the CPB, Victoria confirmed that yes there would and that would either be herself or one of the business co-ordinators.


A discussion was had around CSE.  Victoria to contact Karl to look at this as part of the CPB action plan.


John asked if Prevent was still being led by the Police, Victoria confirmed this.  A short discussion was had around aligning policies and processes.  Victoria explained that this is being looked at at the moment.


Rebecca thanked Victoria for the update and welcomed attendance of the LSCB to future meetings.


Actions: Victoria Gibson, LSCB


Child Sexual Exploitation

The Board to receive an update re the CSE sub-group

Proposal: Discuss


Karl explained that he has been in contact with Alison Hatton regarding arranging a future meeting but as yet nothing has been set up.  Karl advised that they are receiving reports from the Police of a confidential nature in relation to CSE and he is looking for guidance as to how best to use this information.


Karl will continue to look at setting up a future meeting.

Actions: Karl Turner, LCC


Draft Action Plan pdf icon PDF 133 KB

The Board to consider the draft action plan for 2016 - 2017

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair advised that it may be best to agree the action plan virtually as there were quite a number of people not present at this meeting.


At the Trust Board meeting a list of potential priorities for 2016/17 were discussed which may need feeding into our action plan.  The action plan also needs amending following the meeting with members of Youth Parliament.

Actions: Chair


Any other business

Proposal: Discuss

Actions: Chair


Future CPB meeting dates

Thursday 22nd September – 10.00am, Chorley Council, Committee Room 1, Town Hall, Market Street, Chorley, PR7 1DP


Thursday 15th December – 2.00pm, South Ribble Council , Wheel Room, Civic Centre, Leyland, PR25 1DH


Thursday 22nd September – 10.00am

Committee Room 1, Chorley Town Hall


Thursday 15th December – 2.00pm

Wheel Room, Civic Centre, South Ribble