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Venue: Willow Suite, West Lancs Investment Centre, White Moss Business Park, Marple View, Skelmersdale, WN8 9TG

Contact: Sarah Ashcroft 

No. Item


Welcome and Introduction/Apologies

The Chair to welcome members to the meeting and note any apologies

Proposal: Information


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves, apologies were noted as above.

Actions: Chair


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 220 KB

The Board to note the minutes of the meeting 14th December 2016 and agree any further action on matters arising

Proposal: Action


Safeguarding – since the last meeting Danielle provided links to information as requested.


The Chair explained that Safeguarding is a standing item on the agenda and that the LSCB could provide any feedback and/or actions from serious case reviews under this item.


The Chair agreed to share the CSE training and Safeguarding Policy to the Board.  Also the presentation from the recent Chorley & South Ribble Community Partnership Conference. 


Action re Troubled Families outstanding.

Actions: Chair




Local CSE Plans

The board to receive a verbal update on local CSE plans

Proposal: Discuss


Peter Knowles not in attendance, papers provided after the meeting for information.

Actions: Peter Knowles, Senior Manager, Children's Social Care, LCC


Update from LSCB

The Board to receive a verbal update from the LSCB.

Proposal: Discuss


Sarah Hargreaves presented this item.  Sarah explained that the priorities for the Board haven’t changed and there will be a big emphasis on online safety.  Graham Lowe has recently ran some events which have been well received.


The Chair advised that herself and Sarah Ashcroft recently met with Graham Lowe to discuss the possibility of this Partnership Board holding an event.  The Chair will forward some information to members of the Board with the potential of holding an event in June.


Sarah Hargreaves advised that the Childline App has been launched today, users can access counselling via the app.  Sarah explained the importance of having access to children and that digital platforms need to be available.


Debra Wilson advised that the text service is already set up with nurses but we are behind the times and should be using apps.


Sarah advised that there is a big issue with sexting, a 7 minute briefing will be issued June/July time on this.


Michelle Brookes will share some information with the board on Sexting.


Sarah advised that MASH is being redesigned, there will be one door with pathways to early help coming through MASH.  This is one of the improvements that came out of Ofsted.  Ofsted are due back on 12 April.


With regards to Serious Case Reviews there are none in our area at the moment, there are 9 live cases overall.  Sarah will share the link to learning that has come out of the last 2 reviews.


Sarah advised that the review meetings from the CSE audit are taking place this week, learning from this should be available soon.


New courses are available for 2017, a list of all available courses can be found on the LSCB website at


Actions: Sarah Hargreaves, LSCB and LSAB Business Coordinator


Troubled Families pdf icon PDF 172 KB

The Board to receive an update on the Troubled Families programme

Proposal: Discuss

Additional documents:


Tim Grose was in attendance for this item.  Tim provided an update on the TFU programme and advised the target for 2016/17, and advised the basic principles they are working towards (see agenda page 15).  The table at page 15 shows the breakdown by district.  Tim explained the current position, some families have been identified through data matching as being eligible but have not been attached as they do not meet one or more of the principles.


At page 16 the breakdown by district with CAF is shown, Tim explained that there is an issue with agencies not advising of closures which presents challenges.


Tim went through page 17 explaining the number of families in the eligible but not attached cohort and the importance of schools being engaged.  Tim explained the difficulties they face from some agencies to complete CAF assessments and to ensure a thorough assessment of the whole family’s needs takes place.


Tim advised that with regards to payment by result claims we hope to catch up next year.


At agenda page 19 there are a list of actions for the Trust Board.  Tim advised that Preston has been identified as one of the district councils to pilot work around anti-social behaviour data sharing.  Tim asked if the Board could think through any schools which are familiar to the CAF process that they could work with.  The outcomes plan identifies criteria and involving other agencies into the programme.  As previously mentioned the payment by results is a challenge as currently we are not meeting targets.


Debra Wilson said that she doesn’t believe the CAF documentation supports this and understands that is in progress.  Currently her staff have added a front sheet to start to collect the data.  Debra advised that often families are not interested and so decline.  She said her staff are struggling to get people on the programme, Health visitors offer help and support and families say they’re happy and don’t need it.  Debra explained that she feels we need to look at a different approach, Health visitors are trained in CAF but they are struggling to get parents/families to engage, Debra believes it should be a multi-agency approach.


The Chair explained that Phase 1 of the programme was a multi-agency approach but this didn’t go into Phase 2.  The chair explained that this item was discussed at the recent Lancashire Trust Board meeting which she attended and PC Bates said that this model is flawed, he felt that it is more successful where there is a hybrid model.


The Chair explained that she thought Phase 2 was put in place too soon and we need to think about the future.  There will be changes to work streams for example Chorley Council merge with LCFT.  If the targets aren’t met the funding will not be provided.


John Nelson advised that he thought Phase 1 had lots of ambition and it now feels like we are chasing money.  Phase 1 was about supporting families, it needs to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.

Actions: Tim Grose, Locality Manager, Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancs


Children's Centres Update

The Board to receive a verbal update on the future governance arrangements for Children’s Centres

Proposal: Discuss


Tim Grose presented this item.  He explained that the same principals apply to the Advisory Board.  We will be going forward with one advisory board across each district and early years.  They will be made up of 18-24 members, 7 parents, 7 other (agencies).  Letters will be going out to advisory boards and members to outline the change and also a request to advise if they want to be part of the advisory board.  A key area will be to get parents involved that access the services as currently they are underrepresented.


Debra advised that representation may need to change looking at geographical area etc.


Actions: Tim Grose, Locality Manager, Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancs



A discussion to take place regarding attendance at Board meetings.

Proposal: Discuss


It was agreed to wait until after the Trust Board meeting in April to look at membership and analyse if we have the right membership and if we need to reengage with individuals.


Debra Wilson agreed and added that LCFT are currently going through a restructure and therefore the geographical area could change for her but she will let us know.

Actions: Chair


Lancashire Children and Young People's Trust Board Update

The Board to receive an update from the recent Trust Board Meeting.

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair gave an update from the recent Young People’s Trust Board meeting, she advised that there are a number of challenges.  The Chair of the  Young People’s Trust Board had a number of questions regarding the model.

Actions: Chair


Future of Lancashire Children and Young People's Trust Board

The Chair to provide an update on the future of the Trust board

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair advised that for the time being the meetings will still be going ahead, Mark Bates is the Chair.  For the geographical area the representation was disappointing.


John Nelson said that he thought the 7 minutes briefings are useful but that we don’t really share anything else.  A discussion took place regarding LSCB and Children’s Partnership Boards and the possibility that these should merge together.


The chair to feed this back to the Young People’s Trust Board as a suggestion.

Actions: Chair


Papers for information pdf icon PDF 952 KB

The Board to note the papers attached for information.

Proposal: Information

Additional documents:

Actions: Chair


Any other business


Debra advised that she attended Scrutiny Committee, which sits under the Ofsted Improvement Board, they are now looking at SEND.  The Scrutiny Committee are supporting this piece of work, in particular they are looking at childhood obesity and how we look at it over Lancashire.


John Nelson asked if we have received Statement of Commitment, this needs chasing with LCC.


The Chair advised of the 16-17 Homelessness joint protocol.  This was launched at South Ribble with a strong multi-agency presence.  Information on structure to be shared with members of the Board.


The Chair thanked John Nelson for all is hard work whilst sitting on the Children’s Partnership Board, we wish him all the best for the future.  John will advise of new contact for when he finishes.


Future CPB meeting dates

Thursday 15th June 2017 – 10.00am, Committee Room 2, Town Hall, Chorley, PR7 1DP


Thursday 21st September 2017 – 2.00pm, South Ribble Council, Paddock Room, Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH


Thursday 15th June 2017 – 10.00am, Committee Room 2, Town Hall, Chorley, PR7 1DP


Thursday 21st September 2017 – 2.00pm, South Ribble Council, Paddock Room, Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH