Draft minutes

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Proposed venue: Committee room 2, Town Hall, Market Street, Chorley, PR7 1DP

Contact: Sarah Ashcroft 

No. Item


Welcome and Introduction/Apologies

Proposal: Information


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves, apologies were noted as above.

Actions: Chair


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

Proposal: Action


The Chair advised that Item 4 TFU/CAF could possibly be included in the event in October.


The Chair advised that the Statement of commitment has now been received and signed by all 3 districts, this is for a 6 month period to Sept 2017.


Minutes agreed as a true record.

Actions: Chair


MyPlace Project

Proposal: Discuss


Emma Bartlet was in attendance for this item.  Emma explained how the Wildlife Trust runs a number of projects and has partnered up with LCFT.


Emma explained that the Myplace project is up and running in Chorley.  The project aims to empower young people, encouraging them to take action in their local greenspaces that will have a positive impact upon their own mental health.


Emma advised that anyone can take part in the project there are no restrictions on who can join.


Fiona asked if the wildlife trust/project has any links with special schools?


Emma explained that they haven’t as yet but they will be looking to extend the offer, currently they have links with forest schools.


If anyone is interested or needs further information please contact the Wildlife Trust.

Actions: Emma Bartlet, MyPlace Officer, Lancashire Wildlife Trust




Update from LSCB

Proposal: Discuss


Danielle provided an update on all Serious Case Reviews recently published.  Danielle gave an overview of each case.


She explained that there are key themes which have come out of these reviews, they include:


Parenting capacity, impact of adverse childhood experiences, cannabis use in parents, plus others.


LSCB will be looking to run a campaign to raise awareness around cannabis use.


Members of the Board asked if health nurses and schools receive some of the information back following the reviews.

Danielle explained that they produce learning briefs, these go out to panel member’s and are available on the website.  Practitioners are involved in the process directly and therefore receive the learning quicker.  Schools are also invited to any learning events.


The LSCB will be producing new material and running several campaigns on a number of common themes found from the Serious Case Reviews, learning briefs are available on the website for information.




Actions: Danielle McMillan, LSCB and LSAB Business Coordinator


Section 11 Safeguarding Assessments

Proposal: Discuss


Danielle advised that the deadline is Wednesday, Louise will send Chorley’s tomorrow (16th June)

Actions: Chair


Early Help Offer

Proposal: Discuss


Tim Grose presented this item. 


He gave an update explaining the background to recent changes at LCC and the formation of Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help.  Their Mission is to identify as early as possible when vulnerable, young people or families would benefit from targeted support, long before issues become a problem.  The key objectives, delivering an early help strategy and action plan for children, young people and their families.


Tim explained that it will be a much more targeted service with 80% of work being targeted and 20% statutory.  They will be outcome focussed producing a performance report and score card ensuring outcomes are measured.


Tim advised that Nicola Murphy is the Senior Manager for Chorley, South Ribble and West Lancs.  Jo Latham, Team Leader for Chorley.  Jo McGrath, Team Leader for South Ribble and Laura Davidson, Team Leader at West Lancs.


Tim will provide key contacts for all three districts.


Tim provided information regarding Neighbourhood Centres, there will be 6 centres in Chorley, 5 in South Ribble and 6 in West Lancs.


A discussion took place regarding existing buildings, Tim advised that some will need work to make them fit for purpose, this is a massive challenge and we are waiting for the work to be done.


If anyone would like Tim to present to their organisations/teams he would be happy to do so.  He will also share a copy of the presentation.


The Chair advised that the Integrated Action Team is now set up in the Fire and Rescue Hub on Washington Lane, the Integrated Community Wellbeing Service is now operating from Union St.





Actions: Tim Grose, Locality Manager, Lancashire County Council


Online Safety Event

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair advised that we have spoken to Graham Lowe, Online Safeguarding Advisor and we are looking to hold an event on Wednesday 4th October 10am - 12noon at South Ribble.


The Chair asked if members of the board can share with their teams.


We are looking at possibly having stalls at the event.


Danielle said the LSCB/LSAB would be interested in taking part.


Diane suggested Big White Wall, Victim Support and also involving GP’s.


The Chair agreed to share with the Board what we plan to do and look at how we target those organisations to attend.

Actions: Chair


Any other business

Proposal: Discuss


The Chair advised that Mark Bates has sent an email regarding the future of the Children’s and Young People’s Trust Board.  The email to be sent round to members of the Board, any comments to be fed to Louise or Sarah Ashcroft.


Fiona mentioned that she thought it was really important that all organisations’ are represented and unfortunately the primary and secondary school representatives rarely attend the meetings.   Perhaps this could be included in the Terms of Reference.  The Chair to disseminate the info.


Funding - Danielle confirmed that we can use the funding for the event planned in October, Danielle will contact Laura Nuttall to make the arrangements.


Tim asked who the correct contact is regarding representation from local councillors on eh advisory board for 0-19 agenda.  Sarah to send details of Democratic Services.

Actions: Chair


Future CPB Meeting dates


Thursday 21st Sept 2017 – 2.00pm, Paddock Room, Civic Centre, South Ribble


December - TBC