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Implementation Group Update

·         Programme Update

·         Communications and Engagement Plan


Vicky Willett advised the Executive on the three main workstreams, building community capacity, establishing the single frontline, and enhanced multi-disciplinary approaches. The Implementation Group has been very active in progress the work in all areas, and work programme rated green, using a simple RAG rating format. Some supporting activity has been delayed due to capacity required on main work, which has been rated amber, but is not a cause for concern.


Key challenge over the next few months will be on delivery, and Executive asked to support on resources required, and advise if there are any issues with the progression of the key elements.


Agreed that the work will need to map into the Health and Wellbeing initiative, picking up residents needs from engagement activity, and looking at what is needed to plug gaps and support residents to be resilient.


Steve Winterson advised on the Communications and Engagement plan and partners involved to develop this further. The delivery plan needs to be developed and reported, and engagement will be part of this across the stakeholders identified.

Acknowledgement from the Executive that the Implementation Group have moved from the planning stage to development and delivery, and that the work is progressing to plan with no key risks identified at this stage.


Discussion on mandating people to events was held with the clarification that this would not be the approach taken due to the need to develop community support and increase community capacity. VCFS support is also key to the work planned, ensuring that the community take a leading role.


Potential for further education to be involved in supporting the work, including education opportunities and accreditation was also discussed and engagement with Edgehill is in place with LCFT and the Council.


Through the work of the multi-disciplinary approaches, the work in Blackburn with Darwen was sighted as a useful link to share best practice, as findings from identification of high level users from the Police perspective has found that only a low number of cases are also known to NHS services.


It was noted that the cases being identified in the Extended MDT are from concerns from the GPs, and although this is in early stages of development, the group are fully committed to working across the partnership in place to supporting residents with early help and support. Thanks to Andrea Trafford was noted in establishing this group and having involvement from additional surgeries in the locality.


A co-ordinator will be in place to support the multi-agency groups, which will include an analysis of cases and link to the evaluation due in September back to the Executive. 


It was also noted that from the last extended MDT meeting an issues of linking information across children’s records where there is a Child Protection Order in place, to the relevant adult record would help understand safeguarding issues, as at present no information is recorded.

Action – Vicky to contact LCC regarding this concern


Further to the update on the work programme, the Executive asked for outcomes to be presented at the next meeting so that progress can be measured on performance, even though these are high level measures. Activity on progress can also be measured, and a baseline of current outcomes could be captured. Sue Moore offered resource from LCFT to support in the collation of a dashboard.

Action – Steve to provide contact details to PMO to help develop the dashboard for the next Executive.



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