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Delivery Plan - Overview of Mandates


Cath Hudspith advised that at the meeting in January, members considered the areas of focus as part of the Delivery Plan going forward, and this has been the basis for the development of detailed mandates, which include key activity, milestones and delivery approach.


Some will consider a wider geographical remit where appropriate, and link in with wider transformational activity e.g frailty pathways development, and others support cross cutting activity to support a number of areas e.g. shared intelligence.


The seven mandates which have been developed are:

1.       Integrated Community Wellbeing reform key pathways;

2.       Delivering the Out of Hospital strategy in Chorley;

3.       Embed a sustainable locality for multi-agency early intervention and prevention;

4.       Resilient Communities Plan;

5.       Establish a shared intelligence system;

6.       Leadership, Organisation and Workforce Development; and

7.       Develop a Partnership Economic Reform Agenda.


The Executive were asked to confirm that the mandates presented have the right scope and timescales for delivery; are appropriate for the next stage of the public service reform; and support resources required.


Comments from Executive noted:

·         Work presented builds on success from previous year’s activity, and supports move to business as usual;

·         Activity set to align better at Our Health, Our Care level;

·         Clear focus on building personal resilience in communities, developing health and wellbeing services in localities;

·         Integrated Care Teams to be considered as part of activity, supporting collaborative working, and population prevalence;

·         Primary Care Support Team outcomes have been nationally recognized, and primary care should be key element to supporting out of hospital strategy and prevention agenda;

·         Consider any risks on not being linked in with wider work at pan-Lancashire level;

·         Activity is widened to other areas, not just focused on health e.g. economic reform, supporting wider determinants; and

·         Impact on welfare reform changes will drive the need to work much better together.

Overall the Executive agreed that mandates supported the right direction of travel on public service reform. It is vital for the Integrated Care Teams and GP collaboratives to work together in the next phase of delivery to ensure that learning from the investment of Primary Care User Support Team is taken into account. The expectation will be for the mandates to be progressed by the leads set out, and updates will be reported to the Executive on a regular basis.


The Executive discussed the Leadership, Organisation and Workforce Development mandate in more detail as this required clarity on approach to support leaders of the future across public services. A suggested approach was:



·         Delivery of bespoke events for system leaders within Chorley, that focuses on transforming the way we deliver services

·         Development of a module that could be delivered as part of existing organisation development and leadership programmes.


·         Establishment of a bespoke organisational development programme provided by an external resource, and supported by existing internal development programmes e.g. Manchester Devolution model.


Views from the Executive included:

·         Lancashire Constabulary are looking to broaden the leadership training through joint partnership activity which would be a key area to link into;

·         NHS have a leadership academy (AQUA Leadership Development Programme);

·         Consider level of delivery and if this could be developed at Central Lancashire level;

·         Short term focus on Chorley and support building better relationships e.g. through co-hort of leaders in system (those driving transformational change in organisations);

·         Leadership Neighbourhood/community work being considered as part of Integrated Care Teams; and

·         Are all organisations focused on working together better.


Action – Executive to advise relevant representative for the working group for the Shared Intelligence system mandate to Cath Hudspith by 4th May 2018

Action – Executive to advise relevant representative for the Leadership, Organisation and Workforce Development mandate to Cath Hudspith by 4th May 2018