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Chorley Council Performance Monitoring – Fourth Quarter 2018/19

To consider and receive the report of the Director (Policy and Governance).


The Performance Panel considered a monitoring report from the Director (Policy and Governance) which was represented at the Executive Cabinet on 14 June 2019.


Vicky Willett, Performance and Partnerships Manager advised that the report set out the performance against the delivery of the Corporate Strategy and key performance indicators during the fourth quarter of 2018/19, 1 January to 31 March 2019.


Overall, performance of key projects was very good, with nine (75%) of the projects rated as green or scheduled to start in quarter one 2019/20. Three (25%) projects were rated amber and the action plans for each of these were contained within the report.


Performance of the Corporate Strategy indicators and key service delivery measures were also very good with 75% of Corporate Strategy measures and 89% of key service delivery measures performing on or above target within the 5% threshold. Those indicators performing below target have action plans outlined with measures to improve performance.


On the priority of ‘Involving residents in improving their local area and equality of access for all’ the three projects were rated as green, meaning they were progressing according to timescale and plan. The projects included; development of Astley Hall and Park as a visitor destination, supporting people from across the borough to be digitally included, and to develop a framework for building community resilience and delivery of identified projects.


The ‘Clean, safe and healthy homes and communities’ priority consisted of two projects rated as green and progressing according to plan. These were the development of a wholly owned company (formerly delivering the Housing Company) and to deliver improvements to the playing pitches in the borough. One project, the delivery of the Primrose Gardens retirement village was rated amber due to operational elements of the development being slightly behind schedule. Following queries, Members were advised that take up at Primrose Gardens was currently around 70%.


The ‘Strong Local Economy’ priority had two projects rated as green and one, delivery of the Market Walk extension was rated as amber. Two indicators were performing above target and four were performing below target and outside the 5% threshold. Following queries, Members were advised that although the percentage increase in visitor numbers was below target, 2018/19 had still seen an improvement on last year’s performance. It was advised that the approach to tourism would be reviewed.


The priority for ‘an ambitious Council that does more to meet the needs of residents and the local area’ had one project rated as green, one as amber, and one not yet started. Both indicators were performing better than target. With regards to the performance of key service delivery measures, one indicator, the average working days per employee (FTE) per year lost through sickness absence, was performing below target.


Members held concerns regarding the levels of staff sickness absence, in particular with 611.08 days being lost to mental health and 45% leaving the organisation following a period of long-term sickness due to mental health. Members also recognised the pressure this put on existing staff and the potential for losing work.


Members were reassured that a comprehensive piece of work had been undertaken to support existing staff and there was a shared point of access for teams work to reduce risk of work being lost. Proactive steps had been taken to address mental health issues and mental health first aiders would be established. Members welcomed this work and suggested that this be looked into again and be discussed at the upcoming Overview and Scrutiny meeting.


Decision – That the report be noted.

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