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Corporate Strategy Refresh 2021/2022 - 2023/24

To receive and consider the report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


That the Corporate Strategy 2021/22 – 2023/24 be approved.


The Executive Member (Resources), Councillor Peter Wilson presented the report of the Director (Policy and Governance) seeking approval for the refresh of the Corporate Strategy 2021/22 – 2023/24. 


Councillor Wilson praised staff for all of the hard work which has taken place during the pandemic particularly the extensive support which was given to local communities and businesses during what has been a challenging time. 


Over the past 12 months, key achievements include restoration of the borough’s landmark asset Astley Hall, improvement works to the Market and progress with key sites at Alker Lane and Tatton. Improvements to community facilities have been delivered with the completion of the West Way Sports Hub and a number of play areas across the borough including Jubilee Way.


Against the backdrop of continued challenges arising from the pandemic, the services provided to residents have been responsive to their needs. For those at risk with homelessness and housing support, a new approach was established that improves the pathways for those with mental health and substance misuse needs to access the support they need. Holiday hunger and physical activity sessions to support children and families through the holiday period have been delivered as well as support to wider communities on better health through dedicated schemes.  The results of the satisfaction survey will be published shortly. 


For 20201/22 – 2023/24, the Corporate Strategy vision, priorities, and long-term outcomes remain the same to maintain the long-term impact of strategic activity and investment. The strategy progresses action to address the economic impact of the pandemic including support for businesses and activity to increase jobs and skills. It also moves forward major developments and initiatives into their next phase of build or launch, establishing key assets for the future. Importantly, the strategy responds to the needs of communities, doing more for neighbourhoods right across the borough by enhancing essential services and facilities. Addressing climate change remains a key theme throughout the strategy with specific council actions to encourage wider engagement and participation.


The key projects have been refreshed to move existing large programmes of work into the next phase of delivery and to increase activity in key areas such as jobs and skills, support for communities and delivery of affordable housing. Specific new projects include a refresh of the economic development strategy, delivery of affordable housing and work with partners to improve community facilities.


Projects that would move into the next phase of delivery include the launch of the Astley Hall attraction and visitor experience, opening of the Tatton Gardens Extra Care development and delivery of Strawberry Meadows. Council performance would continue to improve through delivering an even better customer experience, enhancing street cleanliness and joining up more effectively with our partners.


The following projects are included within the Corporate Strategy:


Involving residents in improving their local area and equality of access for all

·                Launch Astley Hall attraction and visitor experience

·                Lead activity to address climate change including tree planting

·                Deliver actions to increase digital skills and access across the borough


Clean, safe and healthy communities

·                Open the Tatton Gardens Extra Care development and community facilities

·                Work with partners and residents to improve local play and community facilities across the borough

·                Deliver affordable housing within the borough


A strong local economy

·                Provide support for enterprise across the borough post Covid

·                Refresh the economic development strategy

·                Complete the town centre projects including market renovations

·                Deliver Strawberry Meadows employment site


An ambitious Council that does more to meet the needs of residents and the local area

·                Deliver an even better customer experience and increase access to services for everyone

·                Deliver street level improvements to ensure cleaner, greener streets and neighbourhoods across the borough

·                Join up public services by working with our partners through the Chorley and South Ribble Partnership

·                Deliver the Future Workplace Strategy


It was noted that the performance measures have also been reviewed and updated. Five indicators have been amended to reflect service changes or better align to future priorities. Four new indicators have been included to ensure a comprehensive view of performance across the year.  Further detail on how performance indicators were determined will be provided by officers to Councillor Riggott following the meeting.


The Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Martin Boardman, queried the targets relating to the provision of affordable housing.  The balance between unwanted development on safeguarded land and the need to provide affordable homes was noted.


Councillor Wilson undertook to provide the figures relating to the costs of the G7 Speakers event at Astley Hall to Councillor Debra Platt when they are available.


Before taking a decision on these proposals, Members considered alternative proposals put forward by the Conservative Group in the following agenda item.

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