Issue - decisions

Insourcing Market Walk Security Contract

21/06/2019 - Insourcing Market Walk Security Contract

1.    That members approve:

a)    the procurement of additional CCTV equipment which will enable the existing Market Walk, as well as the new extension, to be monitored remotely by the Town Centre CCTV team.

b)    the creation of new Market Walk & Town Centre Ambassador posts to patrol the town centre streets assisting in customer nformation/stewarding and reporting/supporting incidents.

c)    the procurement of a security contractor for “event” style security for evening operational needs solely on the Market Walk extension.

d)    increasing the resource in the central CCTV control room to monitor the increasing number of cameras being connected and specifically Market Walk and the Extension across all opening times.


2.    That members approve that the existing security contract, for the existing Market Walk, is terminated in September 2019 (as current).

a)    that the existing employees are transferred to the ambassador posts and offered the CCTV vacancies so that they do not suffer any financial detriment as a result of the contract for Market Walk coming in house.

b)    that any employees recently appointed be subject to any probationary period demanded by the existing security company or failing this our own 6-month probationary period.