Issue - decisions

ICT Service Review

05/08/2021 - ICT Service Review


That the following proposals are approved for consultation with staff and the Union:

a)      the proposed shared ICT service restructure including split in staffing costs.

b)      the development of the shared service as set out in the service development plan.


Reasons for recommendation(s)

Approval of the recommendations will enable the ICT service to develop into a shared service with a single operating model, as previously agreed by both councils. This includes the introduction of shared ICT structure to create a resilient and flexible shared staffing resource for the service, and a service development plan to transform and align the service within a single operating model.


Alternative options considered and rejected

Alternative structure options have been considered for the ICT review, but the proposal is considered the most effective solution to mitigate short term risks while ensuring that the right resource is developed to support future priorities. There is also the option not to develop the shared ICT services further, but this would fail to deliver a single operating model for the service and maximise the benefits of sharing.