Issue - decisions

Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring

12/11/2021 - Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring

Revenue Budget Monitoring Report

1.    To note the forecast outturn for revenue and the level of reserves based on the position as at 30th September 202.

2.    To note the virements to the revenue budget made during the period, as detailed in Appendix 2of the report.

3.    To support our businesses and to give a boost to the Town Centre following a difficult year, it is recommended to introduce free parking in the Town Centre from 1st December to 24th December at a cost of approximately £25k.


Capital Budget Monitoring Report

1.    To approve the revised capital programme as attached at Appendix A, which includes approved amendments to the programme, detailed at point 12 of this report, since the last Capital Monitoring report was approved by Cabinet in September;

2.    To note the variations to the programme (which are detailed by scheme at Appendix B and referenced within the body of the report);

3.    To note the position in the Balance Sheet monitoring section of the report, in respect of cash, investment and loan balances and debtors, as at 30th September 2021.