Decisions made

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Accommodation Project Update and Procurement Approval ref: 1235916/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Levelling up Funding Bid ref: 1236316/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Approval for the Contract Award Procedure and Evaluation Criteria to Procure Mechanical Sweepers ref: 1236116/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Streetscene Strategy 2022-2025 ref: 1235716/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Exclusion of the Public and Press ref: 1235816/06/202216/06/2022Not for call-in
West Way Play Area Contract Award Procedure ref: 1236016/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Capital and Balance Sheet Outturn 2021/22 ref: 1235416/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Revenue Budget Outturn 2021/22 ref: 1235316/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Equality Framework ref: 1235216/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Quarter Four Performance Monitoring Report 2021/22 ref: 1235516/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Lease Approval for Strawberry Meadows ref: 1236416/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
Allocation of CIL - Wigan Lane Playing Field ref: 1235616/06/202228/06/2022Call-in expired
COVID-19 Additional Relief Fund ref: 1237917/06/202225/06/2022Call-in expired
Acquisition of Refugee Property - No 6 ref: 1237817/06/202225/06/2022Call-in expired
Acquisition of Refugee Property - No 4 ref: 1237717/06/202225/06/2022Call-in expired
21/01473/FULMAJ - The Boatyard, Bolton Road, Hoghton ref: 1237114/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
22/00285/FUL - 10-12 Spendmore Lane, Coppull, Chorley, PR7 4NZ ref: 1237014/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
22/00242/FULMAJ - Canal Mill, Botany Bay, Chorley ref: 1236914/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
21/01341/FUL - Rivington Hall Barn And Part Rivington Hall, Rivington Lane, Rivington, Bolton, BL6 7SB ref: 1236814/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
22/00451/FUL - Barracks Farm, 1 Chapel Lane, Hoghton - this item has been withdrawn ref: 1237614/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
21/00232/OUT - Land West Of 1The Owls, Blue Stone Lane, Mawdesley - this item has been withdrawn ref: 1237514/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
21/01091/OUT - Devonshire Garage, Devonshire Road, Chorley - this item has been withdrawn ref: 1237414/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
21/00935/FUL - 1 Bracken Close, Chorley, PR6 0EJ - this item has been withdrawn ref: 1237314/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
22/00266/FUL - 122 Chapel Lane, Coppull, Chorley - this item has been withdrawn ref: 1237214/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
21/01065/FULMAJ - Botany Bay Boat Yard, 7 Botany Bay, Chorley, PR6 9AE ref: 1236714/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
21/00635/REMMAJ - Land Between Pear Tree Lane And School Lane, Pear Tree Lane, Euxton ref: 1236614/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in
21/00327/FULMAJ - Land 120M East Of 27 Charter Lane, Charnock Richard ref: 1236514/06/202214/06/2022Not for call-in