Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
First Homes Interim Policy Statement20/12/2021For Determination16/06/2022
Clean Air Strategy07/12/2021For Determination20/12/2021
Acquisition of Affordable Homes26/11/2021For Determination14/07/2022
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 918/10/2021For Determination19/11/2021
Applications for Hardship Relief14/09/2021For Determination10/2021
Houses in Multiple Occupation13/07/2021For Determination29/07/2021
Approve an application for ERVS09/07/2021For Determination16/07/2021
Renewal of Lease - Unit 6 Flat Iron Parade14/04/2021For Determination14/05/2021
Tatton Gardens Policies22/04/2021For Determination14/10/2021
Renewal of Lease - Coach House - Astley Hall - Cafe Ambio19/04/2021For Determination16/06/2022
Queens Road Car Park Resurfacing - Contract award13/02/2020For Determination20/10/2022
Queens Road Car Park Resurfacing - Procurement of Main Contractor12/02/2020For Determination08/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 1426/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Land Rear of 50 and 52 Fairview Drive Adlington03/09/2019For Determination06/2020
Disposal of 3 Parking Spaces at Farrington Street Car Park Chorley04/07/2019For Determination06/2020
Lease of Cafe Coach House Astley Park11/12/2018For Determination09/2020