Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Appointment of GK Construction for the Covered Market WC Refurbishment11/06/2021For DeterminationBefore 18/06/2021
Leisure Services Review10/06/2021For Determination18/06/2021
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office 3910/06/2021For DeterminationBefore 08/07/2021
Alker Lane Scheme Name11/06/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a 5 year Lease - Office 36-3710/06/2021For DeterminationBefore 08/07/2021
Refugee Resettlement Programme09/06/2021For Determination29/07/2021
LCC Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF)01/06/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Neighbourhood Working28/05/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Shared Customer Services Review24/05/2021For DeterminationBefore 22/06/2021
Quarter Four Performance Report 2020/2119/05/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Stray Dog Collection Service - Fees17/05/2021For Determination10/06/2021
Registered Provider Partnership Framework - Final Version for Implementation17/05/2021For Determination17/06/2021
HR and Payroll System13/05/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Approval of revised terms for the Lease of Whittle Surgery - Site of 239 Preston Road Whittle le Woods13/05/2021For Determination29/07/2021
Executive Cabinet Response to the Overview and Scrutiny Task Group – Sustainable Public Transport13/05/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Replacement of the Mayoral Car13/05/2021For Determination05/2021
Shared HR Policy Framework - Benefits Policy Family12/05/2021For Determination28/05/2021
Dynamic Neurophysiotherapy - Chorley BIG Grant11/05/2021For Determination07/06/2021
Employee Car Lease Scheme11/05/2021For Determination05/2021
Viability of the Local Plan and Review of CIL Procurement10/05/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Market Walk Rents Position10/05/2021For Determination
Unit 6 Flat Iron Parade-Renewal of Lease14/04/2021For Determination14/05/2021
Breathing Space (Debt Respite) Scheme04/05/2021For Determination05/2021
Museum, culture and tourism team review04/05/2021For Determination
Corporate Support Review27/04/2021For Determination28/05/2021
Grant of a lease - Unit 3, Flat Iron Parade, Market Walk27/04/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Tatton Gardens Policies22/04/2021For Determination16/09/2021
Commissioning of consultants to provide Local Plan Support21/04/2021For Determination31/05/2021
Leisure Management - Wholly Owned Company Implementation - Fee's, charges and concessions21/04/2021For DeterminationBefore 30/04/2021
Approval for Exhibitions Policy21/04/2021For Determination25/06/2021
Renewal of Lease - Coach House - Astley Hall - Cafe Ambio19/04/2021For Determination29/07/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for Consultants to undertake a Habitats Regulations Assessment and an Integrated Assessment for the Central Lancashire Local Plan19/04/2021For DeterminationBefore 31/05/2021
Beaconsfield Terrace14/04/2021For Determination13/05/2021
Lease of Clayton-Le-Woods Parish Rooms14/04/2021For Determination29/07/2021
Award of Contract - Electrical repairs & maintenance12/04/2021For Determination09/08/2021
Procurement of electrical contractor to undertake planned & reactive maintenance.12/04/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for Astley Park Lighting09/04/2021For Determination05/2021
Approval for the Contract Award Procedure for Electrical Contractor to Undertake Planned and Reactive Maintenance09/04/2021For Determination16/04/2021
Clean Air Strategy09/04/2021For Determination05/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for King Georges Playing Fields Pavilion09/04/2021For Determination05/2021
Chorley Schools Digital Deficit Response30/03/2021For Determination05/04/2021
Grant of a lease - Unit 3, Flat Iron Parade, Market Walk30/03/2021For DeterminationBefore 30/04/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Accessibility Software26/03/2021For Determination26/03/2021
Alker Lane Sale/Leasing Approval26/03/2021For Determination08/04/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Microsoft26/03/2021For Determination26/03/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Modern Gov26/03/2021For Determination26/03/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Idox26/03/2021For Determination05/04/2021
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of a Revenues and Benefits System26/03/2021For Determination05/04/2021
Handyperson and Affordable Warmth Assistance Service24/03/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Contract Award for Carr Brook Natural Flood Management Wetland construction05/03/2021For Determination03/2021
Allocation of CIL – Chorley Health Centre18/03/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring 20-21 Outturn18/03/2021For Determination
Wigan Lane Sports Facilty12/03/2021For Determination09/12/2021
Lancashire Domestic Abuse Services - Chorley Contribution12/03/2021For Determination
Mass Tree Planting for Woodland Creation on Council Owned Land22/03/2021For Determination21/05/2021
Housing Assistance Policy 202125/02/2021For Determination17/06/2021
Procurement of Electrical Contractor to undertake planned and reactive maintenance17/02/2021For Determination03/2021
Exclusec Security Contract for Strawberry Fields Digital Office Park01/02/2021For Determination02/2021
Climate Change Update and Approval of Expenditure01/02/2021For Determination
Astley Park Lighting13/01/2021For Determination24/01/2021
Wigan Lane Playing Field Facility06/01/2021For Determination20/01/2022
Rent Relief for Council Commercial Tenants21/12/2020For Determination01/2021
Approval of Tender Evaluation Criteria for Security/Concierge Services10/12/2020For Determination17/06/2021
Approval to Acquire Individual Homes for Affordable Rent25/11/2020UrgentFor Determination12/2020
Leisure Contract Update23/11/2020For Determination
Tatton Assisted Living Allocations Policy20/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Maidens Ladieswear Ltd - Chorley BIG Grant06/11/2020For Determination03/12/2020
Agreement GA Pet Foods - Alker Lane Bridge20/11/2020For Determination17/12/2020
Network Rail Agreement - Alker Lane Bridge20/11/2020For Determination12/2020
BAE Agreement - Alker Lane Bridge20/11/2020For Determination12/2020
Approval for the scope of development projects at Leisure Centres16/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Alker Lane Development - Appointment of PM/EA/QS Support20/11/2020For Determination01/2021
Tatton Second Stage Fee Expenditure22/10/2020For Determination19/11/2020
Mawdesley Millenium Green Play Area S106 transfer12/10/2020For Determination11/2020
COVID-19 Local Restrictions Support Grant08/10/2020For Determination10/2020
Shop Front Grant - 1-3 Cleveland Street, Tea Shack Ltd.07/10/2020For Determination04/11/2020
Cripplegate Lane Pond01/10/2020For Determination11/2020
Insurance Portfolio contract award23/09/2020For Determination09/2021
Insurance Portfolio procurement proposals23/09/2020For Determination17/06/2021
Alker and Tatton Funding04/09/2020For Determination30/09/2020
Bengal Street Feasibility Update28/08/2020For Determination29/07/2021
Shop Front Grant26/08/2020For Determination12/2020
Shop Front Grant - 8 Chapel Street24/08/2020For Determination17/09/2020
UPDATE - Kiosk/Cafe Coronation Recreation Ground Chorley10/08/2020For Determination04/09/2020
Commercial Acquisition Opportunities28/07/2020For Determination07/2020
Lancashire Woodland Connect28/07/2020For Determination08/2020
Buzz Bingo23/07/2020For Determination28/08/2020
Covid 19 Measures17/06/2020For Determination08/2020
Whittle Surgery HoT's08/06/2020For Determination07/2020
Business Financial Support Budget Approval01/06/2020For Determination07/2020
Business Grant Programme Budgets22/04/2020For Determination06/2020
Council Tax Long-Term Empty Premium06/04/2020For Determination08/2020
Whittle GP Surgery Contractor Procurement31/03/2020For Determination07/2020
Request to release restrictive covenant30/03/2020For Determination08/2020
Mutual Agreement18/03/2020For Determination08/2020
HR Policy Framework12/03/2020For Determination06/2020
HR Policy Framework12/03/2020For Determination06/2020
HR Policy Framework12/03/2020For Determination06/2020
Review of Neighbourhood Working following the Boundary Review24/02/2020For Determination06/2020
Queens Road Car Park Resurfacing - Contract award13/02/2020For Determination14/10/2021
Pod Development Site Pall Mall Chorley06/02/2020For Determination17/06/2021
Applications to waive Council Tax Long-Term Empty Premium06/02/2020For Determination06/2020
IHRA Definition of Antisemitism29/01/2020For Determination06/2020
Recycling Strategy23/01/2020For Determination07/2020
Website Review Contract Award20/11/2019For Determination09/2020
Proposed Wayleave Agreement: Harrisons Farm, Old School Lane, Adlington14/11/2019For Determination09/2020
Approval For Car Park Barrier Bengal Street05/11/2019For Determination06/2020
Investment and improvements at Duxbury Park Community Facilities17/10/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 2726/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 2026/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 1826/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 1526/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 1426/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 1026/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 526/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 426/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 326/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 226/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Strawberry Fields Grant Programme Amendment16/09/2019For Determination07/2020
Land Rear of 50 and 52 Fairview Drive Adlington03/09/2019For Determination06/2020
Approval to Agree Steelwork Modification on Market Walk Extension05/08/2019For Determination07/2020
Westway Football Foundation Submission02/08/2019For Determination07/2020
Alker Lane - Appointment of ecological consultants02/08/2019For Determination06/2020
Application to Waive Council Tax Long Term Empty Premium - Andertons School House25/07/2019For Determination06/2020
Grant of a Lease - 37 New Market Street - First Floor Above Iceland - Market Walk16/07/2019For Determination06/2020
Alker Lane Bridge15/07/2019For Determination07/2020
Town Hall Boiler Replacement04/07/2019For Determination06/2020
Disposal of 3 Parking Spaces at Farrington Street Car Park Chorley04/07/2019For Determination06/2020
Letting Arrangements - Hair Salon - Primrose Gardens04/07/2019For Determination08/2020
Grant of a Lease - Cafe - Primrose Gardens04/07/2019For Determination08/2020
Common Bank Lane Disposal11/06/2019For Determination06/2020
Whittle Surgery Procurement11/06/2019For Determination06/2020
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 5, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination06/2020
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 3, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination06/2020
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 4, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination06/2020
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 2, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination06/2020
Milestone Meadow Play Area, Euxton06/06/2019For Determination07/2020
Westway Operator Procurement03/06/2019For Determination07/2020
Approval for the contact award procedure for the procurement of asset management software for streetscene services15/05/2019For Determination06/2020
King George V Playing Fields, Adlington07/05/2019For Determination29/07/2021
Croft Lodge, Lodge Bank, Brinscall - Fishing Lease14/02/2019For Determination06/2020
Lease of Cafe Coach House Astley Park11/12/2018For Determination09/2020
Harrisons Farm Adlington - Notification of United Utilities Works under S159 of the Water Industry Act 199105/11/2018For Determination06/2020