Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Approval of contract award for Payment provider18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Asset Valuations Contract Award17/06/2024For Determination14/11/2024
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of In Cab CCTV and Driver Technology27/10/2022For Determination05/2024
Discretionary Rate Relief 2022/202319/04/2023For Determination04/2023
Contract Award Jubilee Recreation Ground Lighting Scheme and Playing Pitch Enhancement12/06/2024For Determination07/2024
Contract Award - Remediation & Demolition Works - Bengal Street Depot31/08/2023For Determination14/01/2024
Gillett Playing Fields Cricket Pitch Improvement Contract Award12/06/2024For Determination24/07/2024
Gillett Playing Fields Procurement Methodology12/06/2024For Determination11/07/2024
Grant of a 3 year lease - Block A Unit 4 (A4) Strawberry Meadows11/06/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Food Hygiene Rating- Re-Inspection Fee06/06/2024For Determination19/06/2024
Brookfield and Ingholme - Agreement for Compensation for Release of Restrictive Covenant23/11/2022For Determination30/11/2022
Disposal of 3 Parking Spaces at Farrington Street Car Park Chorley04/07/2019For Determination10/2022
Shared Streetscene and Waste Management31/05/2024For Determination06/2024
Shop Mobility Core Funding28/05/2024For Determination19/06/2024
Policy Review: National Non-Domestic Rates Discretionary Relief Policy23/05/2024For Determination26/06/2024
Chorley BIG Grant - ICS22/05/2024For Determination06/2024
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Elections Software23/11/2021For Determination05/2024
Approval of contract award for Payment provider18/12/2023For Determination22/01/2024
Chorley Leisure Centres - Approval to Bid for funding through the Public Centre Decarbonisation Scheme13/09/2023For Determination03/10/2023
Levelling Up Fund - Contract Award Design Team Consultants15/05/2024For Determination10/07/2024
Approve an application for ERVS09/07/2021For Determination10/2022
Extra Care Policies18/05/2022For Determination10/2022
Approval of contract award for Email archiving/journaling18/12/2023For Determination29/01/2024
Stepped Rental Agreement Proposal at Strawberry Meadows for Jones Supernova Games10/05/2024For DeterminationBefore 10/06/2024
Appointment of Consultant to Prepare Proposal and Specification of Decarbonisation and Improvement Works at Leisure Centres Managed by Chorley Leisure Limited29/06/2023For Determination29/06/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of GIS (mapping)23/11/2021For Determination05/2024
Land Rear of 50 and 52 Fairview Drive Adlington03/09/2019For Determination09/2023
Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Replacement for Short Stay Car Park24/11/2023For Determination05/12/2023
Elections Software Award of Contract08/05/2024For Determination07/05/2024
Architect Contract Award - Levelling Up Fund24/04/2024For Determination22/05/2024
Applications to waive Council Tax Long-Term Empty Premium21/06/2023For Determination07/2023
Proposed Renewal of Lease - Newsagents Kiosk Chorley Interchange18/04/2024For DeterminationBefore 23/05/2024
Chorley Communities and Housing Review16/04/2024For Determination06/2024
HR Policy Framework12/04/2024For Determination17/05/2024
Proposed Grant of New Lease-Unit 6,Flat Iron Parade, Chorley09/04/2024For Determination05/2024
Unit 9B Market Walk, Chorley-Proposed Lease Renewal08/04/2024For Determination05/2024
Adoption of revised Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy02/05/2023For Determination07/2023
CCTV Cameras - Data Circuit Requirement20/03/2024For Determination30/04/2024
Food Service Delivery Plan 23/2421/06/2023For Determination30/06/2023
Lease of Cafe Coach House Astley Park11/12/2018For Determination10/2022
Unit 19 Market Walk Chorley-Proposed renewal of Lease toSignet Trading Ltd. t/a H.Samuel28/02/2024For Determination
Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)16/02/2024For Determination29/02/2024
Chorley Cemetery Toilet Refurbishment16/01/2024For Determination13/02/2024
Procurement Restructure08/01/2024For Determination11/01/2024
Mutual Agreement17/11/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Approval of contract award for Managed Services18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Approval of contract award for GIS18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of ICT Helpdesk Solution23/11/2021For Determination09/2023
Contract Award - Project and Programme Management Consultant to support the delivery of Major Projects31/08/2023For Determination20/10/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of CCTV Support06/07/2023For Determination01/05/2024
Community Safety Partnership Action Plan21/06/2023For Determination26/06/2023
Approval of contract award for Professional Services18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Approval of contract award for CCTV18/12/2023For Determination01/05/2024
Property Valuations Tender10/05/2024For Determination11/07/2024
Approval of contract award for Waste Management Software18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Offices 33a 34 35 36 3709/06/2023For DeterminationBefore 07/07/2023
Grafton Street Alley Gate10/10/2023For Determination20/10/2023
Decarbonisation & Improvement Work (Leisure Centres) - Consultant Appointment04/07/2023For Determination05/2024
Council Tax Discretionary Hardship Policy30/04/2024For Determination13/06/2024
Approval of contract award for Backup and DR18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Contract Award - Professional Design Team (Depot Relocation Ackhurst Site)31/08/2023For Determination20/10/2023
Chorley BIG Grant - Thirty Eight Degrees22/05/2024For Determination06/2024
Approval of contract award for ICT Hardware18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Marquee hire for Chorley Flower Show 202412/06/2024For Determination10/07/2024
Proposed Grant of Wayleave to EG Group-Land at Clayton Sports Centre17/06/2024For Determination24/06/2024
Public Health Funerals Policy16/03/2023For Determination04/04/2023
Contract Award to Essensys Ltd Request06/07/2023For Determination05/2024
Kiosk/Cafe Coronation Recreation Ground Chorley10/08/2020For Determination10/2022
Hardship Relief20/04/2023For Determination04/2023
Approval of contract award for ICT Helpdesk18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Discretionary Rate Relief Applications 2022/2023 and 2023/202408/05/2024For Determination05/2024
Planning and Enforcement- Move to the New Terms and Conditions01/05/2024For Determination06/2024
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Meeting Room Technology14/12/2021For Determination05/2024
Astley Hall Complex - Provision of Cafe Facility20/03/2024For Determination27/03/2024
Agency Agreement Chorley Leisure Ltd19/04/2024For Determination
Renewal of a Lease - Unit 16 Market Walk27/06/2023For DeterminationBefore 27/07/2023
Shop Front Grant26/08/2020For Determination10/2022
Policy Review: NNDR Discretionary Rate Relief Policy22/03/2024For Determination
Approval of contract award for Housing Software18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Communities and Housing Move to the New Terms and Conditions12/06/2024For DeterminationBefore 16/08/2024
Pest Control Service Review09/06/2023For Determination14/06/2023
Grant of a Lease - A6 Strawberry Meadows06/06/2024For DeterminationBefore 08/07/2024
Weed Control Policy14/06/2024For Determination12/09/2024
Approval of contract award for Case Management Software18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
REEL Cinema Lease Update22/05/2024For Determination28/06/2024
Policy Review: National Non-Domestic Rates Discretionary Relief Policy05/06/2024For Determination06/2024
Approval of contract award for Patching and Vulnerability Management18/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of AV Equipment02/08/2022For Determination05/2024
Environmental Health & Public Protection Move to the New Terms and Conditions08/05/2024For Determination06/2024
Acquisition of Property No 1422/05/2024For Determination06/2024
Chorley BIG Grant - Tiny Rockers15/05/2024For Determination06/2024
Business Engagement Grants21/07/2022For Determination10/2022
Gillet Playing Fields Pitch Improvement Tender Evaluation Criteria15/05/2024For Determination30/05/2024
Civil Penalties Policy10/08/2023For Determination18/09/2023
Land at Eaves Green26/07/2023For Determination16/08/2023
Chorley BIG Grant - Thirty Eight Degrees Limited13/03/2024For Determination14/04/2024