Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Contract award for Phase 2 Yarrow Meadows02/01/2019For Determination08/2019
Contract award for Phase 1 Yarrow Meadows14/01/2019For Determination01/2019
Approval of transfers of S106 to land owners and parish councils for specific project delivery14/01/2019For Determination01/2019
Corporate Support Restructure implementation11/01/2019For Determination03/2019
Corporate Support Restructure proposals11/01/2019For Determination14/02/2019
Discretionary Rate Relief 2018/201909/01/2019For Determination01/2019
Award of Contract - Procurement of Street Cleansing Vehicles09/01/2019For Determination03/2019
The Willows Improvement Project Contract Award08/01/2019For Determination03/2019
Adoption of Council's Revised Cemetery Policy20/12/2018For Determination17/01/2019
Procurement of facilities management contractors18/12/2018For Determination14/02/2019
Review of Fees and Charges12/12/2018For Determination17/01/2019
Draft budget 2019/20 and summary position over the medium term12/12/2018For Determination17/01/2019
Statement of Community Involvement 201912/12/2018For Determination17/01/2019
Lease of Cafe Coach House Astley Park11/12/2018For Determination01/2019
Approval to Procure Street Cleansing Vehicles04/12/2018For Determination17/01/2019
Contract award for the provision of skips and removal of Streetscene waste from Bengal Street depot04/12/2018For Determination02/2019
Contract award for trade waste from council buildings04/12/2018For Determination02/2019
Approval of Works Package for Market Walk Extension - Phase 2 Enablement Works30/11/2018For Determination01/2019
Approval to wind down Low Cost Home Ownership Scheme27/11/2018For Determination14/02/2019
The Willows Improvement Proposals21/11/2018For Determination17/01/2019
Consultant procurement - award of contract20/11/2018For Determination01/2019
Review of Pest Control Services19/11/2018For Determination12/2018
Dog Warden Service Review19/11/2018For Determination12/2018
Land at the rear of 38 Long Copse Astley Village15/11/2018For Determination12/2018
Harrisons Farm Adlington - Notification of United Utilities Works under S159 of the Water Industry Act 199105/11/2018For Determination11/2018
Furniture Fit Out Digital Office Park - contact award01/10/2018For Determination12/2018
Neighbourhood Priorities 2019-2025/09/2018For Determination14/03/2019
Council Tax Local Discounts & Exemptions Policy24/09/2018For Determination17/01/2019
Contract Award for Supported Housing Concierge Service20/09/2018For Determination02/2019
Mutual agreement19/09/2018For Determination01/2019
Award of Contract: Chorley Cemetery Roads and Paths16/08/2018For Determination10/2018
Contract Award - Digitisation element of the Digital Office Hub and internal networking12/07/2018For Determination12/2018
Proposed Lease of Land at Pear Tree Fields Euxton Lane Euxton09/07/2018For Determination12/2018
Cowling Farm Site27/06/2018For Determination14/02/2019
Housing stock purchase05/06/2018For Determination01/2019
Housing stock purchase05/06/2018For Determination02/2019
Housing stock purchase05/06/2018For Determination02/2019
Housing stock purchase05/06/2018For Determination01/2019
Housing stock purchase05/06/2018For Determination03/2019
Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring 2018/19 Report 301/05/2018For Determination14/02/2019
Chorley Council Performance Monitoring Report - Quarter Three Performance30/04/2018For Determination14/02/2019
Approval of Work Package for Market Walk Extension - Market Walk Stage 4 design costs & contract award23/03/2018For Determination01/2019
CIL24/11/2017For Determination01/2019
Section 10624/11/2017For Determination01/2019
Scrap Metal Dealers Act 201324/11/2017For Determination12/2018
Expansion of Chorley Works Programme24/11/2017For Determination12/2018