Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Central Lancashire Local Plan Approval to Consult Issues and Options14/06/2019For Determination17/10/2019
Contract Award for the Refurbishment of Coronation Recreation Ground Refreshment Kiosk12/06/2019For Determination05/07/2019
Proposed Whittle Surgery, 239 Preston Rd, Clayton-Le-Woods12/06/2019For Determination06/2019
Land /Common Bank Lane, off Ackhurst Road Chorley11/06/2019For Determination07/2019
Bengal Street - Appointment of Consultant to undertake Feasibility Study11/06/2019For Determination07/2019
Whittle Surgery Procurement11/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 8, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 5, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 3, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 4, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Whittle GP Surgery - JCT PCSA Award11/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms for Unit 2, Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Shared Financial Services Staffing Review and Proposals10/06/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Bus services - funding for 2019/2006/06/2019For Determination07/2019
Milestone Meadow Play Area, Euxton06/06/2019For Determination08/2019
Westway Consultant Appointments03/06/2019For Determination06/2019
Westway Contractor Appointment03/06/2019For Determination17/10/2019
Westway Playing Fields Design Fix and Cost Plan03/06/2019For Determination01/08/2019
Westway Contractor Procurement03/06/2019For Determination01/08/2019
Overview and Scrutiny Task and Finish Group - Quality of housing provided by social landlords30/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Quarter Four Performance Report 2018/1929/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Provisional Revenue and Capital Outturn 2018/1923/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Whittle/St John's Surgery Procurement16/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Insourcing Market Walk Security Contract16/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Senior Management Restructure15/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Approval for the contact award procedure for the procurement of asset management software for streetscene services15/05/2019For Determination06/2019
Open Space, Sport & Recreation Strategy Summary and Action Plan13/05/2019For Determination01/08/2019
Security Repairs to Chorley Football Club10/05/2019For Determination06/2019
Tatton Feasibility Study Procurement10/05/2019For Determination20/06/2019
King George V Playing Fields, Adlington07/05/2019For Determination01/08/2019
King George V Playing Fields Project Scope07/05/2019For Determination06/2019
Common Bank Lane Disposal03/05/2019For Determination06/2019
Digital Office Park - Infrastructure30/04/2019For Determination06/2019
Communications and Events Restructure25/04/2019For Determination06/2019
Strategy for procurement of the leisure contract17/04/2019For Determination07/2019
Chorley & South Ribble Insurance Portfolio Renewal12/04/2019For Determination06/2019
Bengal Street29/03/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Approval of Procurement approach for the Leisure Contract21/03/2019For Determination06/2019
Community Centre Hire Conditions and Banding Review 201921/03/2019For Determination06/2019
Business Grants13/03/2019For Determination20/06/2019
Kem Mill Lane Playing Fields Contract Award05/03/2019For Determination06/2019
Senior Management Restructure01/03/2019For Determination06/2019
Mutual agreement08/03/2019For Determination06/2019
Croft Lodge, Lodge Bank, Brinscall - Fishing Lease14/02/2019For Determination06/2019
Streetscene Modernisation Strategy 2019-202030/01/2019For Determination17/10/2019
Contract award for Phase 2 Yarrow Meadows17/01/2019For Determination08/2019
Lease of Cafe Coach House Astley Park11/12/2018For Determination06/2019
Review of Pest Control Services19/11/2018For Determination06/2019
Harrisons Farm Adlington - Notification of United Utilities Works under S159 of the Water Industry Act 199105/11/2018For Determination06/2019
Proposed Lease of Land at Pear Tree Fields Euxton Lane Euxton09/07/2018For Determination06/2019
Cowling Farm Site27/06/2018For Determination01/08/2019
Market Walk Lettings23/03/2018For Determination20/06/2019
Scrap Metal Dealers Act 201324/11/2017For Determination06/2019