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Venue: Wheel Room, Civic Centre, South Ribble

Contact: Sarah Ashcroft 

No. Item


Welcome and Introduction/Apologies

The Chair to welcome members to the meeting and note any apologies


Proposal: Information


Deputy Chair, Fiona Grieveson welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited attendees to introduce themselves, apologies were noted as above.

Actions: Deputy Chair


Appointment of a new Chair

The Board to agree appointment to the Chair, as Rebecca Huddleston has now stepped down

Proposal: Discuss


The Deputy Chair advised that Rebecca Huddleston has now changed her role and will no longer be the Chair of the Board.  Louise Elo of Chorley Council has volunteered to be the new Chair.  Fiona asked if there were any other volunteers.  No one else came forward so Louise Elo will now take the role as Chair.

Actions: Deputy Chair


Minutes of last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 221 KB

The Board to note the minutes of the meeting 22nd September 2016 and agree any further action on matters arising

Proposal: Action


Louise Elo introduced herself and explained that Rebecca has now changed role which covers customer and digital.  Louise is Head of Early Intervention and Support and it was felt her role was most appropriate to become Chair of the Children’s Partnership Board.


The previous minutes were agreed as a correct record.

Actions: Chair


Prevent Case Studies

The Board to receive a presentation on Prevent Case Studies to increase awareness of types of cases/referrals being received and the typical police response.

Proposal: Discuss


PC Amanda Gibbons attended the meeting and gave a presentation on Prevent Strategy.  Amanda stressed that ultimately the Prevent Strategy is safeguarding and is relevant to all areas.


Amanda advised that there is some useful information for schools on the Police website.


Amanda gave some scenarios and talked about myth-busting, a discussion was had around different situations and the circumstances in which some information is received.


Fiona asked if the strategy was being taken away from Primary Schools as a statutory duty.  Amanda said no, nurseries are also included.


A discussion took place about reporting any issue and not ignoring things, also try to gather more information by asking questions if you suspect something.  Once you have reported something you will receive a referral form, this will need as much information including as possible.


Amanda explained that sometimes once something has been reported it is decided that agencies or partners will follow up as it may be more appropriate for social services instead of the Police depending on the case.


Louise advised that Chorley Council have included Prevent in their Safeguarding Policy, and can also deliver WRAP training.


If anyone has any questions they can contact Amanda ( 

Actions: PC Amanda Gibbons, Prevent office, Counter Terrorism Branch




The Chair advised that the Trust Board meeting has been postponed until the new year.


Danielle McMillian, Business Coordinator from the LSCB was in attendance.  Danielle explained that a restructure has taken place, the Board now cover adult and children safeguarding.  Danielle is also the lead for serious case reviews.


Danielle advised that there are online safety events taking place in January.  This will include specialist updated guidance for schools, dates can be found online.


A serious case review has recently been closed, there are a number of themes from this, a learning brief will be published on the website today.


At future meetings Danielle will provide updates/reports and share with the Board.


Danielle to forward once published to Sarah to circulate to Board members.


CSE Update

The Board to receive an update following the recent Task Group

Proposal: Discuss


Fiona Grieveson attended a recent meeting on CSE.  At the meeting Steve Ryder from the Police advised that people should contact Deter when reporting an issue as they are finding if people go to the MASH first it can sometimes be delayed.  Then if appropriate they will refer to MASH.


A discussion took place around training, Tony Baxter has delivered training at Chorley and South Ribble for taxi drivers.


Louise advised that it is going to Overview and Scrutiny and an action plan will be produced.


The next CSE meeting is scheduled for January.


Louise to share the following items:

-       CSE Training

-       Safeguarding Policy (to include Prevent)

Actions: Deputy Chair


Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Transformation

The Board to receive an update on WPEH

Proposal: Discuss


Julie explained that there have been massive changes in the service.


The following have been appointed as Team Leaders:


West Lancs – Laura Davidson

Chorley – Jo Latham

South Ribble – Joe McGrath


South – Tim Grouse


Julie advised that there will be 76 neighbourhood centres across Lancashire.  There is a re-consultation in Upholland regarding a centre there.


It won’t be classed as a young people’s centre, and they might be split 0-11 and 12-19 year olds.


Some service delivery may continue in the same buildings, others will need refurbishing, new equipment/furniture etc, with some resources being reallocated.


John asked if there will still be an Advisory Board for children’s centres.  Julie advised that they still don’t know.  John explained that he feels it’s important to have parents engaged.


Julie advised that WPEH will no longer be referred to as children and young people, it will be a more targeted service.

Actions: Julie Appleby, Locality Manager, West Lancashire, Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Service


Troubled Families pdf icon PDF 155 KB

The Board to receive an update on the Troubled Families Programme to include key challenges and TFU targets.

Proposal: Discuss


Julie Appleby, Locality Manager introduced this item.  Julie advised that she will be leaving in March 2017 and Tim Grouse will be taking over from April.  The restructure has now taken place reducing the number of managers from 10 to 5.


Julie explained that we are now in Phase 2 of the Troubled Families Unit Programme.  This was formerly known as Working Together With Families.  Julie provided a summary (attached to the agenda) this shows the list of criteria, for families to be eligible for the TFU they must have identified needs against 2 out of 6 categories.  In order for a family to be eligible they must also adhere to a number of principles.  A breakdown for each district is provided in the paper.


Julie explained that we are now engaging with partners to embed the TFU principles and prepare for phase 2.  Also, district support would be welcomed in order to meet the phase 2 targets as it is not always the case that a children’s social care or WPEH worker within LCC would be the lead professional. The lead professional could be a teacher or housing officer for example.


Louise mentioned that outcome from the national evaluation suggested that an active referral process has worked in other parts of the country rather than data trawls.


A discussion took place about resources, and the problems around concentrating of TFU and potentially missing other children and families that need help from an early intervention perspective.  Julie explained that there are on-going problems, but tracking within Lancashire is getting better.


Louise asked how is 6mth and 12mth tracked on the database and has this been linked to Liquid Logic (Children’s Social Care database) or is it a separate database for the purposes of TFU.


Julie will find out for the next meeting from Lee Kearns.

Actions: Julie Appleby, Locality Manager West Lancashire, Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help Service


Troubled Families Update Lancashire response

Please see following link:


National Evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme: final synthesis report (Pages 67 onwards)

Proposal: Information only


The link to the National evaluation of the TFUP is attached in the agenda for information.

Actions: Chair


Young Peoples Participation

Update following the local democracy event in Chorley

Proposal: Discuss


Louise Elo, John Nelson and John Ainscough were in attendance at the Local Democracy Event held in Chorley.


The Chair explained that we received both positive and negative feedback.  The schools commented that they had already received social media training.


It was felt that the event went well, schools engaged well, members of the Youth Council were very good.

Actions: Chair/John Nelson


Any other business


No items


Future CPB meeting dates

Thursday 16th March 2017 – 2.00pm, Willow Suite at West Lancashire Investment, White Moss Business Park, Maple View, Skelmersdale, Lancs, WN8 9TG


Thursday 15th June 2017 – 10.00am, Committee Room 2, Town Hall, Chorley, PR7 1DP


Thursday 16th March, 2.00pm - Willow Suite, West Lancs Investment Centre, White Moss Business Park, Maple View, Skelmersdale, WN8 9TG


Thursday 15th June, 10.00am – Committee Room 2, Town Hall, Market Street, Chorley, PR7 1DP