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Venue: Committee Room 1, Town Hall, Chorley

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Minutes of the meeting Thursday, 5 December 2019 of Overview and Scrutiny Task Group - Developing the Council's Green Agenda pdf icon PDF 113 KB

Minutes of the last meeting (enclosed).


Cllr Clifford requested that the minutes be amended to state his declared interest in the Wildlife Trust not Woodland Trust as stated in the previous minutes.


Following this amendment, the minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2019 were approved as a correct record.


Declarations of any Interests

Members are reminded of their responsibility to declare any pecuniary interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda.


If you have a pecuniary interest you must withdraw from the meeting. Normally you should leave the room before the business starts to be discussed. You do, however, have the same right to speak as a member of the public and may remain in the room to enable you to exercise that right and then leave immediately. In either case you must not seek to improperly influence a decision on the matter.


No declarations of any interests were received.


Chorley Waste and Recycling Strategy

Doug Cridland, Waste Services Manager, will provide the Task Group with a verbal update on the Chorley’s new Waste and Recycling Strategy which is due to be finalised in the New Year.


Doug Cridland, the Council’s Waste Services Manager, provided the Task Group with a verbal update on Chorley’s new Waste and Recycling Strategy.


In order to support the Green Agenda, the council was creating a waste and recycling strategy. The main aims were to boost recycling and encourage residents to recycle more whilst reducing Chorley’s waste. Members suggestions on the strategy were welcomed.


The Task Group discussed various ideas relating to the town centre including:

·         Surfers Against Sewage campaign

·         An environmental accreditation for shops and traders

·         Water bottle refill points (in Astley Park and the Town Centre)

·         Segregated recycling bins (with advertising space for income generation)


Chorley’s recycling rate was at 43%; Members held concerns that household waste and recycling rates were declining. Doug advised that overall, the amount of plastics and bottles has increased whilst the amount of recycled paper and card and garden waste had decreased. It was suggested that this was a result of smaller amounts of paper and card actually being used and the introduction of a charge for the garden waste collections.


Members discussed the strategy and proposals including, the introduction of standard bins with different coloured lids to differentiate, stickers on all bins with the relevant waste items allowed in each bin, and shared communal bins for small flats. Various issues were highlighted, and it was proposed that an ‘amnesty’ of bins be undertaken to rectify the cross contamination of waste in the different bins.


Cllr Lennox advised that there were several bins in her ward with a cross contamination of waste that had been this way for a period of time and requested that an exercise be undertaken in borough to sort this. Members were advised that the council undertook regular bin inspections and door knocks in target areas. Doug proposed that if any members contact himself if they were aware of any specific areas where this was an issue so the team could look into it.


The various ideas, options and proposals discussed would be assessed in further detail as part of developing the council’s waste and recycling strategy.


The Chair thanked Doug for his attendance and his contribution to the inquiry.



Discussion with Gary Heaton (Operations Director of Asset Management - Jigsaw Homes Group)

Members of the Task Group identified Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd. as one of the stakeholders they wished to speak with during the inquiry.


Gary Heaton, Operations Director of Asset Management, Jigsaw Homes Group will be attending the meeting.


The Chair welcomed Gary Heaton, Operations Director of Asset Management - Jigsaw Homes Group, to the meeting. As the largest housing association in the borough, Members identified Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd. as one of the stakeholders they wished to speak with during the inquiry and recognised the importance of partnership working going forward.


Gary Heaton advised the Task Group that Jigsaw Homes had updated their Environmental Sustainability Strategy for 2019 – 2022. The Strategy focused on tackling the urban environment, reviewing corporate buildings, water usage, carbon literacy training, procurement strategy, waste strategy, water drainage, fly-tipping, sustainable transport, flooding risk, new build properties and replacement components.


The detailed three-year plan outlined that all of Jigsaw Homes 34,000 properties would achieve a minimum Energy Performance Certificate of D. He advised that most of the properties in Chorley were reaching a C.


The Task Group were informed that a viability tool had been used to consider all the different types of heating options available and Jigsaw had subsequently developed a scheme that combined both heat and power, with solar power also being introduced. Following queries, Gary Heaton advised that there was a desire to introduce solar panels on the properties in their housing stock, but it was likely that this would be done at the point of roof replacement.


Members queried why solar panels had not been installed where roof replacements had already been undertaken. Gary Heaton advised that the boilers had been replaced at the same time. It was agreed that mindsets needed to change to avoid missed opportunities to install solar panels.


With regards to educating residents, Members were advised that leaflets were issued at the point of sign-up as well as a dedicated team that went out to residents. There was also a project underway to install smart meters which would help educate residents further on their usage.


The Task Group discussed the housing providers ambitions in terms of greenspace. Members were advised that they would be looking to enhance their greenspace in line with their environmental sustainability strategy and would be engaging with residents on this.


The Chair thanked Gary Heaton for attending and for his contribution to the inquiry.




Feedback on Findings

Members will provide feedback on any findings since the last meeting on Thursday, 5 December.


No meetings had taken place since the Task Group last met. Members were reminded that there was an upcoming meeting scheduled with the MP.


Interim Recommendations pdf icon PDF 133 KB

To receive and consider the interim recommendations of the Overview and Scrutiny Task Group on Developing the Council’s Green Agenda to go to the Executive Cabinet for approval.

Additional documents:


Vicky Willett, Shared Service Lead for Transformation and Partnerships, presented the draft interim recommendations to the Task Group.


The interim recommendations, which included a proposed climate change officer and additional resources, had been produced in order to capture the budget cycle for 2020/21.


Members welcomed the report and draft interim recommendations and suggested the following additions;

·         GA Petfood Partners offer to act as a mentor for other local businesses in regards to tackling climate change

·         A climate change networking event for different groups to come together

·         Tree planting scheme


It was agreed that these would be included in the final recommendations.



1.    that the report be noted

2.    that the additional suggested recommendations be included in the final report.



Date of the Next Meeting

Date of the next meeting to be confirmed.


Tuesday, 11 February at 6.00pm.