Agenda item

Executive Cabinet appointments for 2023/24

To receive a report of the Executive Leader.


That the Executive Cabinet appointments for 2023/24 be noted. 


Councillor Alistair Bradley, Executive Leader informed the Council of his appointments to the Executive Cabinet for 2023/24.  He welcomed Councillor Margaret France as the new Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing & Partnerships.


Appointments to the Executive Cabinet and portfolio support roles were reported as follows:




Executive Member

Executive Member for Economic Development and Public Service Reform

Lead Directors: Chris Sinnott / Vacancy 


·                Asset Management

·                Business support and inward investment

·                Major Projects and Developments

·                Wholly owned companies

·                Town Centre (including Market Walk and car parking)

·                Public Service Reform (including combined authority and shared services development)

·                Local Plan


Alistair Bradley


Executive Member for Resources

Lead Directors: Chris Sinnott / Louise Mattinson / Chris Moister / Vicky Willett


·                Finance

·                Corporate Strategy and improvement

·                Transformation

·                Communications and events

·                Support services

·                Astley Hall and Cultural Assets


Peter Wilson


Executive Member for Early Intervention

Lead Director: Jennifer Mullin


·                Volunteering and VCFS

·                Community Centre Management

·                Neighbourhood working and community development

·                Community safety

·                Environmental Health

·                Employment and Skills

·                Leisure Centres contract

·                Social Prescribing


Bev Murray

Executive Member for Homes and Housing

Lead Director: Jennifer Mullin / Vacancy


·                Housing options, advice and supported housing

·                Home improvement service

·                Private sector housing

·                Council Residential Accommodation incl. Primrose Gardens

·                Housing Strategy




Terry Howarth

Executive Member for Planning and Development

Lead Director: Vacancy


·                Planning

·                Enforcement, including Building Control, Licensing, Empty Properties and Environmental Enforcement

·                Parks and Open Spaces development


Alistair Morwood


Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing & Partnerships

Lead Director: Vicky Willett


·                Health & Wellbeing

·                Liaison with Health Care Service Providers, incl ICS

·                Partnership Working

·                Lead Role for developing sub-regional partnerships


Margaret France

Executive Member for Customer, Streetscene and Environment

Lead Director: Asim Khan


·                Street Cleansing

·                Grounds Maintenance

·                Streetscene Improvements

·                ICT

·                Customer Services

·                Revenues and Benefits

·                Waste collection

·                Climate Change


Adrian Lowe


Deputy Portfolio Holder - Economic Development and Public Service Reform

Supporting Cabinet Member – Alistair Bradley


Jenny Whiffen


Deputy Portfolio Holder - Resources

Supporting Cabinet Member – Peter Wilson

Arjun Singh


Deputy Portfolio Holder - Early Intervention

Supporting Cabinet Member - Beverley Murray

Hasina Khan


Deputy Portfolio Holder – Homes & Housing

Supporting Cabinet Member – Terry Haworth

Kim Snape


Deputy Portfolio Holder – Planning & Development

Supporting Cabinet Member – Alistair Morwood


Alex Hilton

Deputy Portfolio Holder – Health, Wellbeing & Partnerships

Supporting Cabinet Member – Margaret France



Deputy Portfolio Holder – Customer, Streetscene and Environment

Supporting Cabinet Member – Adrian Lowe

Jean Sherwood



The remit for these roles will be defined by the relevant Executive Member, except the Mental Health Awareness Council Champion which has a high level role description (below).


Member Responsible for:



Town Centre and Assets

Governance, Audit and Parishes

Environment and Green Space

Danny Gee

Gordon France

Mark Clifford



Council Champion for:


Armed Forces and Member Services

Older People

Rural Communities

Young People

Strategic Development and Planning

Mental Health Awareness


Aaron Beaver

Dedrah Moss

Alan Whittaker

Sarah Ainsworth

Neville Whitham

Karen Derbyshire



Mental Health Awareness Council Champion

        To maintain an understanding of mental health best practice across a range of topics.

        To work with fellow elected members and officers to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

        To advocate for mental health issues in council meetings, to help with policy development and ensure that mental health considerations form a key part of council decision making.


Resolved: (unanimously) that the appointments be noted.

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