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Business Plan Update 2023/24

Report of the Chief Executive attached.


Councillor Alistair Bradley, Executive Member for Economic Development and Public Service Reform and Councillor Peter Wilson, Executive Member for Resources presented a report providing an update on the delivery of service level projects outlined in the business plans.


Councillor Bradley highlighted that of the total 81 projects:


·         54 were rated as Green (67%)

·         10 were considered Completed(12%)

·         16 were rated as Amber(20%)

·         1 was rated as Red (1%)


Councillor Bradley explained that the project rated red was in relation to the finance system project, which had been delayed for the reasons explained in paragraph 14, i.e. to ensure a stable environment before proceeding with the purchase of a new system.


A number of questions were put by Panel, to which the responses were as follows:


2023 Events Programme – It was clarified that some of the overspend related to South Ribble (i.e.Worden Park / South Ribble Museum). In respect of Chorley Council, there had been additional spend on the Flower Show.  It was noted, however, that the events programme ran from Jan – Dec whereas performance reporting year runs April – April. For future performance reports it was requested that officers look at addressing that discrepancy and also the disaggregation of Chorley Council matters so it is clearer for Members.


Environmental Crime Enforcement Policy – an update to be provided to members after the meeting.


Finance systems project delay – The Director of Finance, Louise Mattinson explained the position as regards the finance systems project. She stressed that it was important for systems to be able to interface with each other; therefore measures had been taken to ensure stability and integrity of existing systems by renewing the contract with the existing provider for one year with the option to extend for a further two years at an agreed price. In the meantime, progress can be made into purchasing a newer and better systems on the market to deliver best value for the Council.


The Director of Finance confirmed that the project was now on track for implementing the new systems in April 2025.





Long term empty property checks – latest figures to be provided to the Neighbourhood Area Meetings and an update be given to the next Panel meeting.


Special Expenses Councillor Wilson stressed it was important to ensure that the detailed costs were apportioned as accurately as possible across parishes (e.g. for grass cutting); however there will inevitably be some grey areas. The Chair stressed that it was important to clarify for the benefit of local residents.


UKSPF programme – update report to the next meeting on the Council’s proposals to monitor the delivery of the programme.


Exploration of joint district health scrutiny – That an update be provided to members.




i)             That the report be noted;

ii)            That for future performance reporting in respect of areas where there is a shared service, projects be disaggregated to make clear which relate only to Chorley Council;

iii)           That an update be provided after the meeting in relation to progress on the Environmental Crime Enforcement Policy;

iv)          That the figures regarding long term empty property checks be provided to Neighbourhood Area Meetings ;

v)            That an update on special expenses be provided to the Panel in dur course;

vi)          That an update be provided to the next meeting on the Council’s proposals to monitor delivery of the UKSPF programme;

vii)         That an update be provided to members regarding exploration of joint district health scrutiny.


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