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Purpose of committee

There are four ordinary meetings a year of the Full Council of 42 Members plus a number of Special Council meetings.  These are the Annual Council meeting in May which appoints the Mayor, the Executive Leader of the Council and makes all other appointments to the Cabinet and the Committees of the Council.  The Policy Council meeting takes place in November and agree the Council’s Corporate Strategy for the forthcoming year.  The Finance Council at the end of February/early March and agrees the Council’s budget and sets the level of Council Tax for the forthcoming year.


Chorley Council has 42 councillors, elected into power for four years (known as a 'term') to represent a particular area of the borough. The different areas are known as 'wards' and the space for the councillor is known as a 'seat' on the Council. You can find your local councillor and contacts for them here. The current composition of the Council is Labour (39),and Conservative (3).


Contact information

Support officer: Ruth Rimmington. Email:

Phone: 01257 515118


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