Issue - decisions

Fees and Charges 2023-24

20/01/2023 - Fees and Charges 2023-24

1.    To note the current levels of budgeted fees and charges and the issues specific to these;

2.    To approve an uplift in the Strawberry Fields service charge of £1 per square foot to better reflect the current costs incurred at the site, as detailed at point 21.

3.    To approve an uplift in the rents of all Council owned housing (including Extra Care) of 7%. (This is lower than the agreed approach of increasing them by CPI plus 1% [based on CPI at September each year] as agreed at Cabinet in July 2022, which would result in an increase of 9.8%, but is consistent with the recent government consultation on rents as detailed at points 18 and 19).

4.    To approve the increase to the gas charges at Primrose Gardens to £21 per week and set a new charge for Tatton at £32 per week for electricity as detailed at point 20.

5.    To approve a general increase of 5% in the fees (limited to the services listed in Table 3 of Appendix 1) for 2023/24. Given that the rate of CPI is currently running at 9.6%, and RPI at 14.2%, the recommended uplift is less than inflation.

6.    To approve the full list of fees and charges for upload onto the Council website