Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Chorley Quarter Two Performance Monitoring Report 2023-2427/09/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Civil Penalties Policy27/09/2023For Determination12/10/2023
Contract Award - Brinscall Baths Improvements25/09/2023For Determination22/10/2023
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a 3 year Lease - Office GO-E22/09/2023For Determination20/10/2023
Procurement Strategy - Development and Programme Management Consultant - Major Projects19/09/2023For Determination26/09/2023
Chorley Leisure Centres - Approval to Bid for funding through the Public Centre Decarbonisation Scheme13/09/2023For Determination03/10/2023
Deliver Improvements to Local Service Centres13/09/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Approval of Contract Award for Procurment of CMS13/09/2023For Determination09/10/2023
Revenue Budget Monitoring Report Q211/09/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Capital and Balance Sheet Monitoring Report Q211/09/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Planning and Enforcement- Move to the New Terms and Conditions11/09/2023For DeterminationBefore 11/10/2023
2023/24 Small Community Grant Funding allocation07/09/2023For Determination09/2023
HAF Programme 2023/24 Procurement06/09/2023For Determination12/10/2023
Shared Building Control04/09/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Contract Award - Project and Programme Management Consultant to support the delivery of Major Projects31/08/2023For Determination20/10/2023
Contract Award - Remediation & Demolition Works - Bengal Street Depot31/08/2023For Determination14/01/2024
Contract Award - Professional Design Team (Depot Relocation Ackhurst Site)31/08/2023For Determination20/10/2023
Contract Award - Queens Road Car Park Enhancement Scheme24/08/2023For Determination22/09/2023
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a 5 Year Lease - Office 1823/08/2023For DeterminationBefore 23/09/2023
Overview and Scrutiny Task Group Final Report - Empty Properties21/08/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Choose Chorley Relocation Grant - NOOK18/08/2023For Determination09/2023
Civil Penalties Policy10/08/2023For Determination18/09/2023
Land at Eaves Green26/07/2023For Determination16/08/2023
Business Continuity – Electrical Hook Up’s21/07/2023For Determination31/07/2023
Contract Award to Essensys Ltd Request06/07/2023For Determination13/07/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of CCTV Support06/07/2023For Determination01/09/2023
Decarbonisation & Improvement Work (Leisure Centres) - Consultant Appointment04/07/2023For Determination14/07/2023
Appointment of Consultant to Prepare Proposal and Specification of Decarbonisation and Improvement Works at Leisure Centres Managed by Chorley Leisure Limited29/06/2023For Determination29/06/2023
Renewal of a Lease - Unit 16 Market Walk27/06/2023For DeterminationBefore 27/07/2023
Grant of a Lease - Unit 12 Market Walk27/06/2023For DeterminationBefore 27/07/2023
Carbon Pathway Approval to Appoint27/06/2023For Determination11/09/2023
Community Safety Partnership Action Plan21/06/2023For Determination26/06/2023
Food Service Delivery Plan 23/2421/06/2023For Determination30/06/2023
Applications to waive Council Tax Long-Term Empty Premium21/06/2023For Determination07/2023
Pest Control Service Review09/06/2023For Determination14/06/2023
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Offices 33a 34 35 36 3709/06/2023For DeterminationBefore 07/07/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the 4-year Lease of Nine (9) Electric Small Vans02/06/2023For Determination07/2023
Contract Award for Replacement Ride on Mowers01/06/2023For Determination06/2023
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office GO-B03/05/2023For DeterminationBefore 01/06/2023
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office No 1203/05/2023For DeterminationBefore 01/06/2023
Adoption of revised Private Sector Housing Assistance Policy02/05/2023For Determination07/2023
Strawberry Fields Digital Office Hub - Grant of a Lease - Office GO-G20/04/2023For DeterminationBefore 20/05/2023
Hardship Relief20/04/2023For Determination04/2023
Discretionary Rate Relief 2022/202319/04/2023For Determination04/2023
Contract Award for Bus Shelter Replacement03/04/2023For Determination06/06/2023
Public Health Funerals Policy16/03/2023For Determination04/04/2023
Brookfield and Ingholme - Agreement for Compensation for Release of Restrictive Covenant23/11/2022For Determination30/11/2022
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of In Cab CCTV and Driver Technology27/10/2022For Determination09/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Backup and DR27/10/2022For Determination10/2023
Units 3 and 4 Market Walk - Terms Agreed - Shoe Zone26/10/2022For DeterminationBefore 25/11/2022
Grant of a Lease - Primrose Cafe - Primrose Gardens30/08/2022For Determination10/2022
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of AV Equipment02/08/2022For Determination10/2023
Shop Front Grant26/08/2020For Determination10/2022
Kiosk/Cafe Coronation Recreation Ground Chorley10/08/2020For Determination10/2022
Grant of a Lease - 37 New Market Street - First Floor Above Iceland - Market Walk16/07/2019For Determination10/2022
Proposed Renewal of Lease to New Look Retailers Ltd - Units 20-21 Market Walk25/11/2021For Determination10/2022
Amendment of Lease Terms - Unit 9a Market Walk09/08/2021For Determination10/2022
Grant of a lease - Unit 3, Flat Iron Parade, Market Walk30/03/2021For Determination10/2022
Approval to Agree Heads of Terms - Market Walk Extension11/06/2019For Determination10/2022
Land 5 Stansted Road Chorley14/01/2022For Determination10/2022
Common Bank Lane Disposal11/06/2019For Determination10/2022
Mutual Agreement14/09/2021For Determination10/2022
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Meeting Room Technology14/12/2021For Determination10/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of CCTV Hardware and Support23/11/2021For Determination09/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of ICT Helpdesk Solution23/11/2021For Determination09/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of GIS (mapping)23/11/2021For Determination09/2023
Approval for the Contract Award for the Procurement of Elections Software23/11/2021For Determination10/2023
Business Engagement Grants21/07/2022For Determination10/2022
Extra Care Policies18/05/2022For Determination10/2022
Procurement Service Restructure11/05/2022For Determination11/2023
Approve an application for ERVS09/07/2021For Determination10/2022
Renewal of Lease - Unit 6 Flat Iron Parade14/04/2021For Determination10/2022
Land Rear of 50 and 52 Fairview Drive Adlington03/09/2019For Determination09/2023
Disposal of 3 Parking Spaces at Farrington Street Car Park Chorley04/07/2019For Determination10/2022
Lease of Cafe Coach House Astley Park11/12/2018For Determination10/2022